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Meizu M3 Max Specs: Helio P10, 3GB RAM & More

by Joe 9

Meizu just unveiled its large screen phablet, the Meizu M3 Max a few minutes ago. The phone comes with a large 6-inch display and is here to take on rivals such as the Xiaomi Mi Max, which has received very good response from customers both in China and India. Unfortunately, there is no stylus with the device, unlike what previous rumors said.

meizu m3 max 02

It’s a pretty good large screen smartphone and the entire Meizu M3 Max specs are listed below. The phone is already up for reservation in China and it will go on sale on September 15.

Also, you can check out our launch article from here.


Meizu M3 Max SPECS:

  • DIMENSIONS: 163.4 x 81.6 x 7.9mm 189 gms
  • DISPLAY: 6-inch IPS LCD, 1920 x 1080p, 368 ppi, 450nits
  • CHIPSET: Helio P10 (Cortex A53 x 1.8GHz + Cortex A53 x 1.0GHz), Mali T860
  • STORAGE: 64GB (MicroSD Expandable: YES)
  • REAR CAMERA: 13MP f/2.2, 5P, 0.2s PDAF, Color Temp Flash (Burst, Panorama modes)
  • FRONT CAMERA: 5MP f/2.0, 4P, Adaptive Beauty Skin Algorithm
  • BATTERY: 4100mAh 24W mCharge Fast Charging (45% in 30min)
  • CONNECTIVITY: 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi (5GHz & 2.4GHz Support), BLE, Blutooth 4.1, Infrared
  • OS: Flyme Based on Android
  • PRICE: 1699 Yuan ($255)



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  • Again, using the 6755M cut down version of the P10!
    This will not be OK for gaming as the GPU in there is clocked at significantly lower than the 6755A variant.
    No wonder SD625 phones cost much more, it`s a much better package overall.

    • Zigga

      Actually, $255 is SnapDragon 650 / 652 category (Mi Max, Redmi Note 3 etc.), which is VASTLY superior to this low mid-end SoC, made for running maybe two or three social media apps. $255 for a phone with the P10 is a joke, irrespective of the variant.

      And to clarify, talking about GPU performance differences between the two variants of the P10 is like splitting hairs – it doesn’t even matter. Even MediaTek’s top end X25 suffers against a SnapDragon mid-tier like the Adreno 510 (forget the 530, I’m talking just about the 510), so here, whether it’s the pathetic 6755M or the marginally less pathetic 6755A hardly makes a difference. Neither will be able to render RealRacing 3 / Asphalt @ 50-60 fps.

      I wouldn’t pay more than $130 for a phone with the P10, unless it was diamond encrusted and gold plated.

      • Some people don`t care about gaming, and for them the CPU part is very important and that’s where both MTK and Huawei’s Kirin chips actually shine – multicore performance.

        • Zigga

          Maybe true, but the SD 650 and SD 652 are superior in every way, and Xiaomi offers them at cheaper price points (e.g. RN3 with SD 760 starting at 159.99).

          A phone like the RN3 fitted with the SD 650 priced at 159.99 is a far better buy than this $255 MediaTek crap, irrespective of whether a person is into gaming or not.

          Similarly, the Mi Max 3GB + SD650 @ USD 235 is a much better buy in **every way** than this MediaTek crap at $255, irrespective of whether one is into gaming or not.

          I wasn’t trying to point out only the GPU wise superiority of the SD 65x SoCs, which is already outstanding. But even when one talks about everyday performance for reasonable prices, the SD 65x phones from Xiaomi and Vivo are immensely better choices than a $255 P10 phone.

          It’s a complete myth that somehow Huawei and MediaTek phones have better performance barring GPU stats, and these days, even price wise MediaTek doesn’t have any advantage anymore, as can been seen from the pricing of the recent X20 and P10 phones.

          TL;DR: Irrespective of whether one is into gaming or not, **NO ONE** should waste their money to buy a $255 P10-fitted substandard, unremakable phone when one can get a quality, SD 65x fitted Xiaomi or Vivo for *cheaper* prices.

          • Zigga

            Sorry, meant SD 650 starting at 159.99, not 760. Typo.

  • LeftFront

    LOL @ the P10 chip. 255 bucks for this piece of junk? No thanks Meizu.
    Was expecting an SD 652, and now this.

  • Andy

    Pls anyone tell me p10 =snapdragon ??
    By the way I not gamer person as long as web search fast or. Chat I am happy with that

    • P10 is about equal to SD617, but the GPU on the 617 is a bit more potent.
      However this uses the P10M(which is a cut down version), so this basically compares to SD430 and 616.

      • Andy