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Elephone S7 camera is more paralleled than Samsung S7 Edge/Note 7

by Dimitris Economou 5

A controversial issue raised when Apple made the big change to display size and design with the iPhone 6. And it was about the raised camera lens on the back that didn’t allow the device to sit flat on the table as the lens was elevating the device. Even last year’s Samsung Galaxy S6 and the  current S7 Edge and Note 7 have the same issue. Although it seems too hard to fit the camera sensor in such a thin body, Elephone has managed to achieve it with the Elephone S7.

Elephone S7

When you look at Elephone S7 ‘s camera, you will know what kind of effort Elephone has put into it. Elephone S7 needs to stay thin to match rival devices, so there raised a conflict between the manufacturing and the shape on this tiny camera: How to keep the camera as paralleled to the back cover as possible. And although it became a headache for Elephone engineers, they finally made it.

Elephone S7

After dozens of plan changing and camera testing, Elephone engineers finally accomplished the job and brought a camera which is more graceful and more paralleled than Samsung S7 Edge and Samsung Note 7. Elephone S7 features a 13MP camera on the back and a 5MP camera on the front to support good selfie pictures.

The device will soon be available for preorder and what remains to be seen is the photo quality it achieves compared to other top smartphones. More info will soon be available on

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  • David Emminger

    lol, there is no single elephone “engineer”, elephone is just a small company that orderes phones from a manufacturer. And you dont even really wanna compare a elephone camera with samsung/apple!

    • Hakim Farouk

      Actually, Elephone is an OEM phone manufacturer. But they have bad services and make, pretty much, phones full of bugs and no fixes to date even after countless phones, still going nowhere. It’s a typical China company (quantity over quality) Better go for one of these major China brands like Xiaomi, Zte, Meizu, Huawei, Lenovo, Oppo, Vivo and LeEco.

      • David Emminger

        yes i know about the facts and i will never ever buy an elephone again ( had the p7000 ), and i will not recommend it to friends at all. Went from redmi note 2 to redmi note 3 pro and im really satisfied with xiaomi products. Also i was testing the ulefone power and this phone is way better than elephone crap.

      • MitsosDaBest

        I think that Ulefone is an OEM manufacturer and she makes all the phones of Elephone (different company). I don’t know what’s the truth though…

  • Jh1

    That’s great that it sits flush with the body…. Now if elephond could just figure out how to make a camera that actually takes decent pictures 😉