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UMi Plus: the history behind the game-changer in the UMi Family!

by Dimitris Economou 7

As is already know, the UMi Plus was announced together with Apple iPhone 7. But that’s not the only similarities the two devices have. As Apple is very bookish with details in design and manufacturing methods, so is UMi. That’s why UMI’s Product Manager decided to scratch everything done before and to start from zero with the UMi Plus, giving importance to even the minimum detail and reworking with designers and engineers all the processes to craft the perfect phablet. He took that decision because he felt that with the increasing size of the smartphones, harmony and balance are almost impossible to find in today’s phablets, which often result bulky, uncomfortable to the hand and are not balanced in weight.

UMi Plus real photos


Revolutionary design process

As we said, nothing has been left to chance with the design of the Plus: Designers studied and used the brand-new ID style, which uses curves and radians to pursue beauty. You can notice how the curve is the dominant element of the body, the four radians perfectly match with the camera, with all the elements integrating harmoniously in the metal body.

In order to achieve the perfect aesthetic sense and feel, UMi’s engineers developed a custom-made 1mm blade in order to achieve new arcs with a surprisingly nice feeling.

UMi Plus real photos


Lighter, harder, smoother

UMi Plus’ use of the Aviation Magnalium (6000 Series) allows the phone to be lighter in weight, but harder when it has to face hits and bumps. The material faces numerous treatments to improve its properties and also to feel smoother to the touch and extremely refined design-wise.

The sides of the body are crucial parts into reaching the maximum comfort when holding the phone during every operation: that’s why they have been worked with a custom-made tool which was able to generate a non canonical radian, which feels more natural and comfortable to the hand.

So now you know what’s the story and the ideas behind UMi Plus, a new milestone in UMi portfolio. Plus is in the presales phase now at a price of $179.99, visit UMi website here to claim your phone at the presale price. The offer is limited in time and quantity, so hurry up before it ends! You can always join the giveaway and win one free here

UMi Plus real photos

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  • Haha, game-changer.
    Good one.

    Take the UMI Super, substract 1GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM et voilá, a new smartphone is born. We’ll call it the UMI MAX.

    But hey, why stop there? We can play the game again. We take the UMI Super… move the back fringerprint ID reader to the front and swap out the Panasonic camera for a Samsung one! Woahh! Mind blown! Revolutionary! Such an addition. Let’s call it the Plus…

  • Ciccio A

    Lighter? I’m not able to find the weight on the website, do you know it?

  • Fábio

    Game changer?
    You are being generous!

    Honestly, this type of notice should be published with label like “Ads” or “payed article”

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    What is this post about?
    I can’t see it, i think it got blocked by my adblock..

    • Jack Inmanz

      Good one.

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    OMG… Now, they don’t even try to make ads look like an article.
    It’s really sad and there’s actually no reason to visit this site anymore.

  • Venci

    Umi paid post. Umi is the lamest company ever, just can’t regret enough that i bought Umi on friend of mine. Umi went from casual cheap company to the bottum shit ones you don’t even think of cheking.

    R.I.P. Umi