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iPhone 7 A10 Fusion Chip Performance Test

by Habeeb Onawole 1

The iPhone 7 was released last week and one of the many features highlighted during the launch is Apple’s new A10 Fusion chip which is touted as offering a 40% increase in performance over the A9 chip in the iPhone 6s and 120 times faster than the chip on the original iPhone.

The A10 Fusion processor is the first quad-core chip manufactured by the company. It is made up of two high performance cores and two low-performance cores.

A weibo user, @i, decided to confirm Apple’s claims and put the iPhone 7 through a web app performance test, and below are the screenshots of his results.

iphone-browser-performance-test iphone-browser-performance-test-2 iphone-browser-performance-test-3 iphone-browser-performance-test-4 iphone-browser-performance-test-5

The test was carried out using Jetstream v1.1 and the results were compared alongside those of the iPhone 6s Plus, a Samsung Galaxy S7 with a SD 820 chip, a S7 Edge with Samsung’s Exynos 8890, and a Samsung S6 Edge.

The iPhone 7 scored 169.14 points and is followed by the iPhone 6s Plus with a score of 115.18. The S7 with a Snapdragon 820 managed to pull in a measly 36.9 points.

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He carried out the same test on the S7 Edge sporting the Exynos 8890 processor; first with chrome’s browser which scored 64.8 points and then with Samsung’s own browser which scored 73.7 points. The S6 Edge scored 55 points which is higher than the S7¬†above.

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    what process technology is used to fabricate the A10 CPU ???