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Ulefone Tiger is Ulefone’s Next Metallic Device

by Dimitris Economou 10

Ulefone seems to have decided to establish the metal unibody as a standard for its devices from now on. Today we got some pictures from the company unveiling their next model, which will be named Ulefone Tiger.

Ulefone Tiger

The only spec we know so far is the display size that is going to be 5.5″, probably of HD and FHD resolution. Although we know only the display size, looking at the pictures we can tell that the device will be equipped with a fingerprint scanner and double flash.

The metal body has a brush finish which will help to better reveal the natural texture of metal while the camera glass has a metal ring. The tiger seems to be another well designed model from Ulefone who has built a reputation in good design and build quality.

Ulefone Tiger

Judging from the thickness of the phone body, the Tiger is not some super slim device, so the battery may be quite big. As for colors, there will be grey, golden and sky black versions available.
More information will be available on sometime in the near future.

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  • Muhammad Yasir


    • Assefa Hanson

      Well ulefone has the potential to make it happen, not gonna lie I like the design it in a subtle way has a bit of originality just a little

      • Muhammad Yasir

        they NEED to start using SD cpus man !

        im hoping their next phone has ATLEAST a 650 or 652 !

        • You can`t just buy a Qualcomm chip Muhammad, that’s why most Chinese brands don`t use them.
          Even if they are allowed to, they still cost maybe twice or even more than a similar performing MTK chip.
          Mediatek better bring out the big guns with P20 and X30, because this last generations was a real dud(X20 overheating, P10 lackluster performance)

          • Muhammad Yasir

            damn… no wonder Qualcomm are so rare when it comes to mid and budget level chinese phone makers !

            Qualcomm should look to revise their stupid pricing if they want to take the budget market

            yeah … im just as excited for the p20 and x30 but i reckon we’ll have to wait till mid-early 2017 to see a phone with those CPUs

  • Assefa Hanson

    If it’s 1080p then an x20 is fine, 6750 or 53 and p10 then 720 but I understand that might not be a great marketing spec

  • Design and build quality look good, hopefully the camera and SoC complement that.
    Hate for this to be another MT6753 or 6737 lackluster phone with meh camera for 159$.

  • Dunno. Very much the same ‘been there, done that’-vibe of all the other phones (in category Elephone/UMI/Ulefone).

    They need to step it up. More bezelless. Front- or side fingerprint readers. Rear dualcam. X20 minimal. Don’t forget NFC and good GPS. Multiband (also Europe). And really, how much trouble could it be to give us dualSIM + microSD, instead of either dualsim or singleSIM+microSD. Nubia flagships don’t sport FM Radio… sometimes I like to listen to oldschool radio and might not always be connect to internet (roaming or whatever). VR goggles are a thing. Need to step it up in resolution. 5.5″ 1080p… ok-ish. 5.7″ 2K optimal! Bigger is too much! I don’t want to go to those days when people were using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 to make phonecalls! Btw, I love bezelless. Think adding F.I.T. (frame interactive technology) to it, makes it like something from the future, it’s great! We still have some frames on top and below… but if this is the case, why are we so eager to drop capacitive navigation buttons for on-screen digital ones??? I want physical buttons, not give up screen real estate. One thing that is cool is LG’s ‘always on bar’ on top of the phone.

    Honestly, I currently rock the Nubia Z9. It’s almost the dream phone. It just lacks: front- or side fingerprint reader, 2K resolution. Rear dualcam. Front flash. And it’s SIM+SIM or SIM+MicroSD, not SIM+SIM+MicroSD. It also lacks FM Radio btw and isn’t waterproof. It does feature a cool IR blaster.

    I don’t know. I’d like to see a 5.5″ or 5.7″ 2K dualSIM phone right about now. I’d go for the LG V20, but it isn’t dualSIM and the design… is not really that dope.

    Maybe my next will is going to be that Exyons Meizu? Some Xiaomi? LeEco? Will the P9000 Edge come to fruition? Will Vernee step it up with the Apollo? Someones has got to have the right ideas at some point. In meanwhile everything has been done. Now it’s just up to one of them to put all the right puzzle pieces together! Just do it and take my money!

  • Ulefone Tiger, it`s Grrrrr…shit 😀

  • anthom

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