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Alleged 360 F4S shows up on TENAA website

by Dimitris Economou 14

Six month ago, 360 released the 360 F4 with good specs at an incredible price. Thus, the device achieved good sales numbers. Recently, another device from 360 appeared on TENAA for certification and it is said to be an upgrade to the F4, the 360 F4S.

360 f4s

The device has the codename MIIT 1603-A03 and judging by its design language, it must be an upgraded F4. The three-part metal back and the overall design with the hidden antennas points to that direction.

The handset is equipped with a 5.5″ 1080P display and an MT6753 eight-core processor. The RAM amount is 3GB and the internal storage is 32GB. A 13MP camera is used as the main shooter while the front camera has a 5MP sensor. Since the increase in screen size, the battery capacity of the new device has gone up, and now reaches 3,920mAh. Android 6.0 Marshmallow is used as the OS.

360 F4S

We expect it to be officially released  in the near future with a price around 799 Yuan ($120). Upgraded battery will allow the 360 F4S to offer a decent battery life, which is a constant demand from the consumers’ side.



360 F4S

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  • bro-reac

    Sweet and un-available stuff. ohhhh what a bitter taste.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      just imagine how i feel regarding this…

      • princetom

        Yea, sorry @yasir. Funny enough, we all loath mt6753, but wen a company like 360 drops it on ur table, with other hardware, u sure wanna take s second look. Yes, we all love 360.(though we are yet to use their phones) , Isn’t someone out there who will bring this smartphone company to the international consumer? Sad ?

        • Muhammad Yasir

          it sort of stings like a bee when you think about it … at least it does feel like that to me.

          all that hardware , good build quality from what we have seen so far , good secure OS (360 mobiles was originally a mobile security s/w maker) and all that for JUST an unbelievably low yet WORLD BEATER price…

          YET we can’t obtain all that JUST because the imbeciles at 360 mobiles just aren’t aware of the potential an international market holds for them !

          for me … its another story of ” So near YET so far ” , still waiting for that first ever smartphone :/

          i would’ve bought a 360 mobile handset by now if it wasn’t for their stupid antics !

  • Jh1

    Yep. The 360 n4s would be high on my phone list… If I could actually find one

    • Assefa Hanson


      • Jh1


        • Rob

          Or Aliexpress as Liaow are very expensive.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    OMG ! that price … but no availability !

    i love 360 mobiles as a company … but HATE them as a marketing entity… these dumb FUCKS don’t know how to sell their UNBEATABLE devices abroad and make BILLIONS !

    • Ionut Johnny

      Look for the site Liaow, category qiku.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        do they ship to Pakistan ?

        do they charge DAMN SHIPPING fees ?!

        are they reliable ?

        • Rob

          Yes they do charge shipping fees, also they only work in $’s and they also declare phones at full market price with DHL shipping so expect big taxes. On the plus side they do seem very reliable from what I’ve heard, but I don’t use them myself for the above reasons and the fact that they are 10-15% dearer than everywhere else BEFORE shipping. The only other place that I know sell their phone is Aliexpress, haven’t found there phones on any of the usual resellers.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            i’ll be skipping them … they’re WAYY too expensive (in the literal AND serious sense this time)

  • Vishal Giri

    great device again from 360!!