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LeEco Le Pro 3 leaked photos show up!

by Dimitris Economou 27

It may have been only a few months since LeEco announced its second generation of the Le Series, but the company seems determined to continue releasing  new devices. On September 21 we expect to see the new beast, the LeEco Le Pro 3. And today, we have two leaked photos of the device!

LeEco Le Pro 3

Two variants will be available, one with 6GB RAM and one with 8GB RAM. The latter is said to feature a 5.7″ 2K, Snapdragon 821 with Adreno 530 GPU and 256GB of internal storage. The front facing camera will be a 16MP for selfie lovers, and on the back, a dual 13MP lens camera module.  The 5,000mAh battery will make sure that the beastly doesn’t devour it. This model will be priced somewhere between $463.83 and $598.53.

LeEco Le 3 Pro

The other version of the LeEco Le Pro 3 will carry a 5.5-inch 2.D Glass display with a 1080 x 1920 resolution. It will also feature the Snapdragon 821 chipset, but will be equipped with ‘only’ 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The camera modules are more down to earth on this one. A 16MP rear-facing one along with an 8MP selfie shooter in front, and a 4070mAh battery keeps the hamster wheel spinning. This model will be priced in a range of $314.16 and $448.86. Both models feature a fingerprint scanner under the rear camerca.

They both feature the same metal finish as seen on the leaked photos with the biggest difference in design, probably being the dual camera lens on the back of the 8GB device. More information will be made available as we approach the announcement.


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  • Assefa Hanson

    Wow it’s not pink, if the small model is at the 300 range it might be a one plus 3 killer

    • Muhammad Yasir

      killer killing a killer…

      this has inception written ALL over it !

  • Muhammad Yasir

    WAYYY too expensive !

    but i hope this pushes down the price of Le Max 2 EVEN further so i can FINALLY buy one 😀

    • goodwill

      I got the le max 2. hehe

      • Muhammad Yasir

        you lucky rascal !

        i want one too !!!

        how’s the phone btw ??? kindly tell me a bit about how has been your experience with the Le Max 2

        • goodwill

          I’m hakim farouk btw. You already know me. haha. It was good. The speaker is one of the best I’ve ever heard on a smartphone. I’m running on cynogenmod 13 tho. I flashed it from EUI.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            lol … why the phony account then ?

            where’s your ‘Original’ one ???

            how’s the cam ? especially the selfie cam / front camera!!

            also , why do people ‘flash’ their phones ? what’s the advantage of having CM 13 ???
            is flashing risky .. as in can it damage the phone in terms of software (have NEVER flashed before!)

          • goodwill

            I still have my original acc that i use to log in with twitter now i logged into disqus with my email rather than twitter. Gzchna banned me from commenting on their website because I say bad things (facts) about Elephone. A lil disappointed tho cause I was just sharing my opinion as an ex user. But oh well, they are paid to advertise elephone anyways. Which explains why they have a special tab just for elephone on their Gzchna shop. I’m not banned here in Gizmo tho but too lazy to log out and in again. I prefer Gizmo now. haha!

            Camera is ok. Can do with a lil more tuning tho but overall it’s not a bad camera. Well, CM pretty much gives you more control over customization and stuff and still give the stock AOSP look. Flashing is not for everybody tho, If you don;t know what you’re doing, you might end up bricking your phone (dead). I’m a power user, I’ve been flashing for years with many different roms and I’m actually also an official MIUI 8 beta tester for mi5. So, it’s easy for me. Do some reading about it, every phone is different. If you want to try it for the 1st time , do it on a cheap phone. Make sure that cheap phone has custom rom support tho.

          • Tremaine Underwood

            You are not the only old G follower who has migrated here. I think everyone is sick of the Elephone love affair. If it were just phones they were reporting on it would make it less blatant, but now we have to hear about Elephone keyboards and then guess what some other crappy device is. A seems to have given up on the site, its a big shame. King Linus has now become my favourite reviewer 🙂

            Does anyone know if the earphone jack has made a come back with this one? That’s kinda a must for me.

          • goodwill

            Yeah, I agree. It’s more balanced here.

          • Fábio

            Will, CM 13 works fine in le max 2?
            Few weeks ago I was looking for customs rooms but I don’t find anything, and I read about leeco don’t release the kernel, so I give up

            I was thinking in buy one, but I disliked EUI interface.
            The toggles are in the recent apps menu and the notifications don’t work fine.

            So, if CM 13 works fine, this can be the decisive point.

          • goodwill

            For now, we have RR, Mokee and CM13 for the max 2. I think there’s Hydrogen and MIUI as well. I’m running on Mokee. The IR and slow motion doesn’t work, everything else is good. Yeah, since LeEco still hasn’t release the source code, custom work is a lil difficult but still didn’t stop some of the developers, apparently. haha. You can check em out at XDA and HTCmania

          • Fábio

            Sorry, I don’t know Mokee and RR, they are versions based on CM?

            Yes, I remember about Ir and slow motion don’t work, but I really don’t care about this functions.

            In Mokee all others functions work fine? like camera, good battery, WiFi and no lags?

            Thank you for your feedback!

          • goodwill

            Yeah, Mokee and Resurrection Remix are roms based on CM. They use CM theme engine. Camera (but slow motion), WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, fingerprint and etc are all working fine. Haven’t got into any issues with it. Battery life is ok, for a 2k screen device. Not the best but average.

          • Fábio

            Great,thanks for the informations. Now I am really excited about this phone. Do you know if your rom support OTA update?

          • goodwill

            No, it doesn’t. You are going to have to flash it every time when dev release new updates but dirty flashing from Mokee to Mokee shouldn’t be a problem when you want to update later unless stated otherwise by the dev. Oh and the camera lens at the back is popping out too much so the original TPU case is not going to protect the lens. I advise you to get a case that protect the lens. I got my case on aliexpress.

          • Fábio

            Yes, I understand you. I bought leeco le 2 to my girlfriend and the tpu cover don’t protect the lens too. I really will buy another cover because this “rose” in real life is totally pink! I really don’t understand why they release only in this color.

            Let me ask you one more question, when you do dirty update monkee to monkee, you don’t lose your data, configs and personal informations? (I never did this process)

            Do you know if your rom support launchers like Nova?

          • goodwill

            If you do a clean flash you will lose your data. Dirty flash meaning you flash without wiping data, keeping you current settings and all.

            3rd party launcher like nova, apex have no issue.

          • Fábio

            Great. Thank you for your help! I’m making my order 😀

          • goodwill

            No problem. Enjoy 😉

          • jonh

            what about fingerprint is work perfectly ?

          • goodwill

            Yup. fingerprint works fine.

  • Tommi

    Why they cannot use same 5.5-inch 1080p screen for 8G model also? 8G would be my 2016 dream phone, if it have 5.5-inch FHD.

  • Joey

    LeEco phones have great specs but this company has zero creative design ideas. All of their phones look alike.

    • goodwill

      I agree. haha.

    • jonh

      and also i hate black border

  • goodwill

    Looks good but the body reminds me of redmi pro