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Google Pixel Rumored to Cost $649, Pixel XL Will Be Costlier

by Suhaib 5

Google Pixel‘s speculations are rife and new rumors and renders are making their way to the internet almost every day. In past couple of days, specifications and features of these upcoming smartphone have surfaced about which you can read here in detail. Now, new rumors have emerged which suggest that Google Pixel will carry a price tag of $649 (4328 Yuan) and the high-end model Pixel XL will come with a more hefty price tag. Read on to find more.

Google Pixel

Google Pixel is going to be announced soon and it is capturing all the attention from around the globe. Google will be launching two phones which include an affordable Google Pixel and a high-end Google Pixel XL. While Pixel is rumored to carry a plastic design and will be sporting a smaller display, Pixel XL is rumored to feature a larger display and will be making use of premium metals in its design.

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Earlier some rumors suggested that the high-end Google Pixel XL will be priced at $649 but the new rumors put it the other way. Further, Google Pixel is expected to debut in two storage variants with basic model packing a 32GB of storage and a price tag of $649. So it is logical to say that the higher-storage variant of Google Pixel will be priced higher which subsequently puts the price of Google Pixel XL much higher than we expect. As of now, we can not authenticate these rumors so you better take these with a pinch of salt.


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  • goodwill

    I miss the days when Nexus wasn’t expensive. haha

    • princetom

      Fuck Google.

  • jimberkas

    wow, hope they don’t manufacture too many of these, could be a lot of warehouse full of phones.

  • jimberkas

    I suppose we’ll see a crazy price drop in about 3 months like the 5X experienced.
    seems like a bad sales strategy to overprice it and then chop the price to move some units.
    probably some backroom deal with other phone makers so they don’t drive down sales of the other flagships.
    too bad for HTC though.

  • Wolvie

    That is freakin’ expensive for an official google phone. Well i guess in the end google is getting greedy or stupid.