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Is UHANS A101 tough enough? Check out this drop test

by Dimitris Economou 20

There was a time when there were not too many mobile phones manufacturers. There were Nokia, Ericsson, Sony, Sharp and a few others. For most people, Nokia was the legend that produced tough phones and no other brands could beat them. Don’t forget that Nokia owned almost 60% of the worldwide market. Nokia makes mobile phones no more and it seems that the “tough” legendary has come to an end. UHANS A101 is here to claim the crown of the tough device without receiving any special treatment during manufacturing.


Since the debut of UHANS A101, its slogan “A Tribute to Nokia” has been teased by others. Many people doubted whether this device was as tough as Nokia. To make this kind of doubts disappear, UHANS dropped both Nokia 3310 and A101 from 50 feet high to see how they will turn out. It turned out that Nokia 3310 could not survive a drop like that, however, UHANS A101 was still working though the screen was crashed.

So, UHANS A101 has testified itself as a “survivor”. Below you can see the video of the test and judge for yourself. Of course, this is just a proof of concept, as it is not intended to judge the Nokia 3310, but to prove the A101 durabililty.


If you want to make it your own, go ahead and treat yourself with some toughness here.


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  • tha nan

    It is incredible, Uhans A101 can drop it down 50 feet high, it can work. It is really wonderful smartphone.

    • Miles

      I often drop and I lose smartphones. Uhans is for me.

  • Alex Gonzalez-Davidson

    Uhans A101 is the super strong in this video.

    • Daniel Nei

      Yes. I love it with the strong body, do you know now it on flash sale only 49$, you can get it, do you interesting?

      • Alex Gonzalez-Davidson

        Yes. do you know where to buy it with this promotion?

  • kolab sor

    Wow, wow. it is the awesome phone. in this high can break all thing, but Uhans A101 still work, it is very strong phone.

    • Daniel Nei

      Yes. it is the super strong phone, it is on flash sale you can buy it only 49$ from some online store.

      • kolab sor

        really? I want to buy. I really love it.

        • Vuong

          lol, great actor.

  • Twister12

    And how old is the Nokia 3310?

    • Bruno

      Yes, I had this phone. It’s cool. Let A101 will repeat its ingenious destiny.

  • Chris agnostos

    Quite funny, every comment on this page is made probably by a chinese guy trying to promote this piece of crap.

  • afghanPower

    Some of the comments here seem fishy…

  • Chris Se

    I am not familiar with Uhans yet. Only I am interested. There is here who who already worked with Uhans? optionally with A101. It is necessary to consult.

    • Mike83

      About A 101 video is already a lot of, there is even video of the real buyer. And I have S1. You know, I am very happy with it. What interests you?

      • Chris Se

        Thanks for the response. Watched video of reviews much. People are happy with purchase of A101. I was convinced that the price quality of this smartphone confirmed. Uhans S1 doesn’t interest me, for me it is the road. Just wanted to specify as at this company of business with charging, operation of the camera as catches wi-fi. Was questions much. But I obtained enough information on the Internet.

  • Human

    To me a nokia would be enough. I use phone only for calls. But for the sake of curiosity read news. According to the description excellent phone for young people.

    • Batista

      Uhans the available smartphone for any segment of the population. You can easily dare to buy it too. I recommend, reconsider the views of mobile phones. The modern smartphones open great opportunities: from a photo before Internet connection with a large number of information.

  • haq

    Uhans A101 has bucks…
    Vkworld is growing really well, T2 Camera Demonstration,
    The 13MP+5MP camera on T2 is fantastic. And you can enjoy the fun of taking photo with dual screens.

  • Zoja

    I received the A101. Excellent smartphone.