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Yi Technology Announces the brand new Yi M1 Mirrorless Camera

by Joe 11

We had reported a couple of times earlier that Yi Technology was all set to release a brand new camera today. As expected, the company has officially released the Yi M1 Mirrorless camera at an event a couple of hours back. This will be the company’s latest powerful camera and comes with pretty powerful features.

yi m1 mirrorless camera

The Yi M1 comes with a relatively simple design with two color options, silver and black. You get a 3-inch screen at the back and four buttons on the device which controls all the function. It is said that using the camera is easy, with an interface similar to a mobile phone camera.

As for the internals, the Yi M1 comes with M4/3 Mirrorless setup with Sony IMX269 sensor with 20.16MP. The camera features a mechanical shutter, super fast continuous shooting, RAW support, 4K Video shooting and ISO upto 25600.

yi m1 mirrorless camera silver

Along with the M1 camera, Yi Technology also announced two lenses for the device. One is a 12-40mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom lens and the second one is a 42.5mm fixed focus lens with f/1.8 aperture.

The company also released a backpack for its M1 camera, priced at 399 Yuan along with accessories like UV filters, charger, straps etc.

yi m1 mirrorless camera black

The Yi M1 Mirrorless camera with standard zoom lens is priced at 2199 Yuan ($330), while the camera with the dual lens kit is priced at 2999 Yuan ($450). The camera and lenses will go on sale from September 23 at

Update: Here is the the first hands on video

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  • ruudjo

    Is a test of this camera scheduled for the next week?? I am very interested in the use of ISO 1000 and above.

  • Rich Hafley

    The sensor is point-and-shoot sized. It’s not really competitive with DSLR, let alone other mirrorless systems from Sony, Nikon, or Micro 4/3.

    Still, the camera looks nice. I wonder if additional lenses will be available eventually?

    • David Peterson

      No, it is 4/3″ sized.

      • Rich Hafley

        The spec sheet from Sony for the IMX269 sensor says that its 4.6mm diagonal, which should be roughly 4mm x 2.5mm. Olympus’ PEN E-PL7 has a 17.3mm x 13.0mm sensor.

        Perhaps the Sony sensor listed above isnt the actual one in the camera?

        • David Peterson

          Yeah this article is rife with errors, such as saying the lens is from f2.5 when it blatantly clearly is not!

          But trust me, it is a MFT sensor 🙂

        • Yves Severyns

          Don’t know for sure about the PEN E-PL7 but the newer and more advanced PEN-F uses the IMX269 from Sony 😉

    • rinki

      sensor is the same one..exact one as in the panasonic gx8.

      on that regard..its a quality one…problem is ..there is a lot more than a good sensor with camera building….and this price is very near to the great actual DSLR sony A6000 that can wipe the floor with this one.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    too expensive !

    but any camera geeks here ?

    please advise if this is a good cam

  • Yves Severyns

    Sony IMX269 = micro 4/3rd with a pixelsize of 3.3

    The name looks like the sensors placed in smartphones but that’s far from true.
    Sony doesn’t use a micro four-third sensor in own products but is one of the greatest in production.
    Most of the top-brands wont admit they used a sony sensor ofcourse (like nikon, pentax, panasonic and olympus)
    The IMX269 is for example used in the Panasonic GX8.

    If this camera comes with good quality lenses and the software is great this should be a very good product, especially high value for the money….

  • Tony Halls

    Damn, for $330 it looks really nice.
    Especially considering most “cheap” mirrorless cameras are priced at $600-800

  • Snapsnow

    The screen should of been able to flip or at least tilt.