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Elephone R9 will feature glass covered fingerprint button

by Dimitris Economou 7

As we already know, Elephone chose to incorporate the fingerprint sensor on the front button on the Elephone R9. In order to do that, Elephone uses glass cover materials to ensure fast identification and durability. Besides, glass brings excellent hand feel.

Elephone R9

Most manufacturers choose to go with coating solutions that have either low hardness (3H) and abrasion resistance or reduced liability. For that reason, Elephone is equipping the R9 with a Glass cover with high hardness (6H). Although that solution is costlier that simple coating, it ensures high performance.

Another reason to go for the glass solution, is the fact that it has smaller failure rate during production. So, although more expensive, it makes up for that cost during production.  It is unknown if Elephone will use this solution to all its future devices. But, Elephone R9 will for sure have an excellent fingerprint sensor.

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  • loller

    WOW for real?

    • AtereJr

      Don’t be naive. It’s “Elephone”, the company with the motto “keep expecting (good looking phones with attractive prices) and be surprised (that they are no good and useless to use with zero support and will eventually end up beign bugged with issues).

      • Monster Energy

        actually Elephone’s costumer support is great nd very responsive, l have no issues with that, you should try lf you dont believe

      • Drin Cakaj

        Atere, lDK where you got those infos but ele-service always respondin time

      • BabastarsH3

        Atere, don’t judge by the motto, service is excellent, don’t be a liar, if you ever used this, you will understand, it’s great, stop complaining about that

  • Monster Energy

    wow this smartphone is dope, price?

    • BabastarsH3

      mabye 300$