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UMi Plus Extreme will feature Helio P20 and 6GB RAM for $299.99

by Dimitris Economou 3

It has been only a few days since UMi announced the UMi Plus.  But the company is restless and is preparing a more powerful version. The UMi Plus Extreme! Raising the bar for its competitors, the device will compete in the higher segment of the market.

UMi Plus Extreme

According to UMi’s Official Facebook Page, it’s going to be an “extremely” upgraded version of UMi Plus. Thus the name.
It will feature Helio P20, a massive 6GB RAM, Android 7, Black/Blue colors in the style of the new iPhone 7 and a price tag of 299.99$. Certainly, the price seems a bit high. But consider the fact that it features 6GB RAM and an almost vanilla edition of Android. Something like a more affordable Nexus device.

UMi Plus Extreme

More information will be disclosed as soon as we have them, but from the first news we are already excited to know more about this product. Don’t forget you can already win one UMi Plus for free here.

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  • Assefa Hanson

    Your tag is wrong it should be p20 not x20

  • Sansa

    Why should one get this phone instead of the new Leeco? Phone companies are in denial about their future. With Leeco and Xiaomi doing such an agressive price strategy, they wont last for long. The only category they will still have a word, is the cheap/super cheap one. On the rest, they are doomed.

    On a side note, isn’t P20 actually less powerful than x20? 300$? Are you crazy UMI?

  • Considering that Mi5 costs less than that, also Zuk 2, I don`t see how anyone will pick this up at 299$.