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Elephone S7 / R9 will appear on HK Global Sources Mobile Electronics Exhibition

by Dimitris Economou 19

Annual HK Global Sources Mobile Electronics Exhibition will start at the end of October. And of course, Elephone will be there to exhibit all of their new smartphones and peripheral products. Visitors will have the opportunity to get their hands 0n Elephone S7, Elephone R9 and Elephone C1. Elecam 360, the panoramic camera will also be present.

elephone s7

Besides the mentioned products, some other peripheral products will be demonstrated. Elephone EleEnterGame Keyboard Series, Fingerprint U-Disk EleSecret and more. Of course, the super ELEWhisper noise-cancelling earphones could not be absent, as well as QC 3.0 Power Bank and some other mystery products.

Elephone R9 back cover Elephone S7

Remember, the Elephone S7 features the beautiful blue color and the R9 a glass covered fingerprint sensor and super narrow bezels. As for the ELephone C1, rumors talk about an all-metal device with super fast fingerprint sensor and affordable price. Future will tell if the rumors come true. Until then, you can visit the exhibition to take a look to what Elephone has in its portfolio.

ELE Whisper Elephone S7

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    STUPID elephone advert !

    • NextHype

      Easy Muhammad, easy !
      Nothing fishy here, just info about an upcoming exhibition xD

      • Muhammad Yasir

        about Elephone products … least you can do is pity those poor souls , the visitors.

        • Wolvie

          May GOD have pity to those poor souls so they don’t get cheated by Elephoney below standard products.

          I was wondering how come Elephoney can last for so many years with their lousy products ?

          • Muhammad Yasir

            same question …

            i guess there’s a lot of chinese people who buy their phones and hence keep them afloat.

    • PhoneFix

      why u hate ele so much?

      • Muhammad Yasir

        horrible build quality , even worse software , cameras are deplorable.

        im not the ONLY one … ask around and you’ll get ‘enlightened’

        • Athur K.

          yes you are the onlyone dumbass, elephone is great

          • Muhammad Yasir


      • Athur K.

        because someone pays him for these kind of comments…

    • Athur K.

      take it easy boiii, noone asked to from you to comment here… or maybe someone did!!!

      • Muhammad Yasir

        another troll …

        just what this forum needs

  • Mar

    they copid samsung.

    • Athur K.

      maybe design a bit, but not the price 😀

  • Julio

    never buy a phone of this brand, has been the biggest mistake in my life have done in the past, it broke in 3 days

    • Troller :V

      are you a liar or other brands pays you for this comercial, :V good job, so when is next payment? ??

  • Troller :V

    awesome, can’t wait to see more details…

    • Athur K.

      cool nickname ??

  • Monster Energy

    specs are good but l don’t like design, but however this is only 100$ best deal out there…