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UHANS Announces Custom Charger For UHANS A101 Battery

by Suhaib 6

A majority of the smartphones these days feature a non-removable battery and running out of battery juice is a common issue we all have faced one time or another. Now, to overcome this issue we have to carry hefty power banks to keep our smartphones alive all the time. Charging the power bank and carrying it is a cumbersome process in itself and especially if you want to travel light. Now to address this issue UHANS has come up with a solution in the form of a customized charger for UHANS A101’s battery.


As the battery on UHANS A101 is removable and with this customized charger, you don’t have to worry about running out of charge. You do not need a smartphone all the time to charge the removable battery, all you need to do is to remove the battery from UHANS A101 and place it in this customized charger and you are ready to use it all over again.


This customized charger removes the dependability of the battery on the phone for getting charged. Now you can plug-in the charger, put the battery in the charger and it will be charged without breaking a sweat .


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So all you need is this customized charger and an extra battery for your UHANS A101. You can charge this extra battery with this charger and you can carry it as a backup battery instead of a bulky power bank.

You can get the charger from here or read more about the company from its official website.

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  • Simon Vit

    Excellent news from the budget smartphone that the battery removable. I consider it plus

    • Selena

      And volume of the battery quite good. The main thing that it showed in tests really 2450, and that some budgetary smartphones invent.

  • Dan Balan

    I saw video the test where umi london with the battery 2050mach bypassed iPhone 6. I represent what then A101 with the battery 2450 is ready for!

  • Jerry Stiv

    They compare themselves with Nokia. Nokia phones were strong. I drowned my accident. He took out the battery, dry, and he was working on. Now, I think smartphones are not as strong. But this is a plus compared to many cheap Chinese smartphones have removable battery A101.

  • Zoja

    I received the A101. Excellent smartphone. Very much pleased a delivery set. Whole two batteries.

  • Melissa123

    It can for someone and not news. But for me OTG in the smartphone this opening. A101 my first smartphone with OTG. I’m a student. Earlier I had to do many excess things without this function. Now I write down all lectures via the smartphone and the flash card. I print directly from phone. Cool!