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Elephone C1 official photos, presale starts tomorrow

by Dimitris Economou 14

The presale of Elephone C1 will start tomorrow. But up until now, no real world picture were available. So, how does the real device look? Today, Elephone gave to the press some photos of the device. The device looks quite premium with the all-metal back and beautiful colors.

Elephone C1

It looks that Elephone has done a good job building a premium device while keeping the price low. Elephone C1 comes with Android 6.0 system preinstalled. The full-metal body hosts the fingerprint sensor and the dual-LED flash camera. It supports fast focus and touch focus and can be woken from sleep with just a touch. Under the hood, sits the quad-core 64bit MT6737 SoC. The display follows the trend and is a 5.5″ HD(1280x720pixel). In addition, Elephone C1 features 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage, that is expandable with a 64GB at most.

Last but not least, Elephone C1 will be available in Golden and Dark Blue colors. During the presale period, its price will be just $109.99!

More about the device is available at

Elephone C1 Elephone C1

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  • Michal Zajac

    I used to have two Elephones, P6000 and P7000. Never more. In both — up to a year without problems then broken screen: P6000 has flashing screen while p7000’s screen became unresponsive at the top (and it wasn’t hit). And the case with P7000 is well known case, but the support from elephone is none!

    • BabastarsH3

      sorry mate l had some troubles with elephone device, but service was good, have you tried to write them an email [email protected]

      • Monster Energy

        babastars they replied to my e-mail within 4hours, it’s not that bad…

      • Michal Zajac

        Glad to hear they responded you! Unfortunately, that was not my case — I wrote them several times and didn’t get any answer.

  • Athur K.

    wow really? 2GB ram for only 100$ ? sounds awesome and fingerprint looks cool

  • Monster Energy

    specs are good for the price, but personally l don’t like the design on this model, example flashlight could fit between camera and fingerprint sensor, it’s my opinion… :l

    • Troller :V

      it’s simple, we kill batman

      • Monster Energy

        batman? WTF are you talking dude?

        • Troller :V

          so we can get his Elephone C1

          • Monster Energy

            l’m serious you dumbass, why l always have to deal with idiots….

          • Troller :V

            why so serious?

          • Monster Energy

            just f**k off, your name says it all… :@

  • Wolvie

    Low price with low quality smartphone ?