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iPhone 7 Outperforms Google Pixel & Pixel XL in Benchmark Tests

by Jed John 6

Early benchmark results for Google’s latest Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones have appeared on Geekbench and reveals nothing really special when the flagships are placed at par with their contemporaries, talking about Apple’s latest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The results show that what the Pixel and Pixel XL possess in looks and camera speed, they lack in raw processing power.

Gppgle Pixel XL Geeknbench

The Geekbench 4 result comes in at about 4100 points on the multicore performance test and for the single core, the result stood at 1580 points and is consistent with earlier figures said to be for the Google phone which appear sometime in September. The score then stood at 1665 on the single-core and 4023 for the multi-core test.


In contrast the Apple iPhone 7 recorded a multi-core score of around 5600 pointd when it hit benchmark and a single-core score of about 3430. This figures could only mean the A10 Fusion chip on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is far superior to the Snapdragon 821 processor which the Pixel and Pixel XL comes with. Even the iPhone 6S Plus with a multi-core benchmark score of 4106 and single-core score of 2508 surpasses the Google flagships.

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Benchmark results may not be a true representation of the daily running speed of smartphones, neither do they measure user interface element but they come in handy in comparing the raw processing power between two computing hardware and in this case, it has definitively proved that there is no better processor around as of this moment that equals the A10 Fusion processor on Apple latest iPhones.


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  • bob

    Just ran Geekbench 4.0.1 on my Le Max 2 and got 1725 Single-Core Score and 4166 Multi-Core Score. So it seems the SD821 is not that more powerfull than the already very potent SD820.

  • bro-reac

    So why is it an issue.
    Does my phone stutter? No!!! So it is just a number and not a factor.

  • Assefa Hanson

    like ill always say what will an iphone use this power to do? iphones performance is a gimmick

  • Geekbench 4 reduce the scores of all Android devices when its compared to Geekbench 3. Every iPhone get higher scores or stay the same. Geekbench 4 cant be used for comparing Android devices vs Apple devices for that reason. The same thing happened when Antutu was updated to 6.0 iPhones receive a big boost in scores compared to Android devices. This is not fair. These are the scores of my Xiaomi Mi Note Pro on GB3 and GB4

  • Jeremy Dre

    This proved nothing actually, put the apple chip in the pixel and put the snapdragon in iphone 7 then we can have a fair comparison.

  • Vahdyx

    I find this difficult to believe. And when I say, difficult to believe, I mean that the Pixel is scoring less than the S7 and all SD820 phones. It’s pretty common knowledge that iPhone will outscore all Android phones current for current in Geekbench, but still, being lower than the 820 just doesn’t sit well with me.