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Ulefone is planning a dual-camera device

by Dimitris Economou 7

Ulefone is managing to stay up to date with the current rival flagships for the time being. This year, many manufacturers released the dual-camera devices. And, as a latest picture shows,  Ulefone is possibly making a metal device with dual cameras. This device is likely to be Ulefone’s next flagship.

Ulefone dual-camera

From the picture we can see that the 2 cameras have the same size. This indicates that both will be main cameras with different focal length for distant and close objects. Similar solution has been applied on iPhone 7 Plus and LG G5. What’s more, we can see dual-tone flash, too. Since no fingerprint scanner is seen on the back, it may sit on the front side, or on the edge as Ulefone Future. And if it will be launched in 2017, X25 chipset and 6GB RAM is expectable.

The weird thing is that power and volume keys are on the left side. A smartphone for left-handed users?! Maybe the photo is reversed. It will probably come out the other way.

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    aw yeah !

    keep it good

    • Assefa Hanson

      lol muhammad

  • If this has the X20/X25 on it, or let’s say even P10 like most other brands… it could turn out to be a pretty cool phone.
    Ulefone has kept the pricing great for all its phones, except for their latest and greatest model – the Future.
    So hoping this one would be more affordable and has the good features of the Vienna, Power, and Future baked inside.

    • On top of that Future doesn’t deliver at all, check reviews!

      • Yep. Found a lot of frustrated/angry buyers on YouTube as well.
        Fails to last a day on a full charge, doesn’t charge as fast as they claimed either.
        The ‘bezelless’ gimmick is what made users buy it on impulse during the pre-sale period.
        Features ≥ appearance.

  • Not another one, how many people will fall for that gimmick??? Why didnt they just put a better sensor and lenses?

  • Ok, this picture it’s real or we talk about photoshop picture?