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Epic Halloween sales at Gearbest

by Dimitris Economou 1

Halloween is approaching and if you were to knock on Gearbest’s door,  they would certainly pick “treat”. The same goes for their online shop,  that celebrates for Halloween.

Gearbest is a huge retailer and apart from electronics, they offer many other products.  So,  to help you disguise, they provide all kinds of costumes, make-up,  accessories, etc.

Gearbest Halloween sales

Of course,  they couldn’t stay away from smartphone offers. Xiaomi phones take the lion’s share with 3 devices. The most interesting among them is Xiaomi Note 3 Pro which you can get for about $170. There’s also the fresh UMi Max with 3GB RAM for $169.9.

Lastly, the is a series of smartwatches and action cameras to complement the rest of the deals.  The promotion is expected to last until October 31,  the day that trick or treat takes place.

Mind you, the quantity is not infinite, so you better take a look at the offers and choose according to your liking!

Trick or treat?

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  • willysson

    Over this past month I made a return trip between the US and Thailand with 16 hour layovers in Shanghai and Kunming. My plan was to buy a Mi Max and some headphones. I was told that a store called “Suning” would have them, so upon arrival in Shanghai raced to the nearest Suning (by 300km/h MagLev train) to get there before closing. Guess what? The store is only for display purposes. Next day raced to the Suning at the North Bund. Every brand was there with a sales representative BUT the Xiomi rep was nowhere to be found and I only had 30 minutes before needing to head back to the airport. But, the price was significantly more expensive than prices on Gearbest and other on-line sellers (I thought they would be cheaper IN China). During my layover in Kunming had enough time to go to a Xiaomi store. Again, prices about 15-30% higher than on-line and no one able to speak English. Also, keep in mind no foreign credit cards accepted.