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Vernee Mars antenna bands explained

by Dimitris Economou 0

Since aluminum begun being used in smartphone devices, a headache struck the engineers. Due to the fact that metal blocks the signal transmission, the antenna implementation became a challenge. But because aluminum makes beautiful designs and pushes up quality, the engineers made it.

Vernee Mars antenna


Apple has been leading the whole industry in antenna design. At the same, time they address the signal issue while keeping their devices unique and beautiful. For example, iPhone 5 adopted a bolder design than the iPhone 4. The whole body of iPhone 5 is a piece of metal (aluminum alloy). This, however, raises the difficulty of dealing with the signal issue.When the antenna is inside the metal, signal reception becomes a pain.

Vernee Mars antenna

That’s why iPhone 5 ended up with two antennas that aren’t connected. Located separately on the top and bottom of the device, it allows WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and other signals to “peek” through. For the iPhone 6, Apple engineers adopted plastic injection molding process instead, to decrease the area of antenna. However, because the number of network frequencies increases by time, iPhone 6 has 4 antenna bands to ensure the signal reception.

Vernee Mars antenna

This year, Meizu Pro 6 followed iPhone 6 and comes with plastic injected antennas. What’s different is that Meizu Pro 6 has arc antenna bands to ensure both the signal reception and design. In addition, the newest iPhone 7 comes with arc antenna bands which are similar to Meizu Pro 6, making the appearance more gorgeous and appealing. Now, Vernee Mars becomes the third all-metal smartphone to feature arc antenna bands. Really impressive progress for a newly founded brand.

Vernee Mars antenna

Vernee Mars comes with 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM, octa-core 64bit CPU and 13MP Sony IMX258 camera which supports PDAF. What’s noteworthy is that Mars adopts a side-mounted fingerprint sensor and supports quick charge. The retail price of Vernee Mars is $249.99. During the presale, you can get it with only $229.99. And the shipment of pre-orders will be arranged in October.

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