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Elephone R9 will feature E-touch 2.0 system on the Home Button

by Dimitris Economou 6

Reservations for the Elephone S7 and R9 are open since yesterday and the number of reservations has exceeded 50,000 units by now. The very promising devices have flagship-grade specs. One of the is e-Touch 2.0 that will be available on Elephone R9. As on the S7, the home button doubles as a classic button and as a capacitive button.

Elephone R9

Elephone R9 E-touch 2.0 system

Gentle touch: Back key
Double gentle Touch/Press the Home button once: Home key
Press the Home key twice: Shortcut key
Long press on the home key: Recent taskbars

All E-touch 2.0 features and fingerprint recognition system will be gathered in the front home button, which highlights the powerful function of this home button on Elephone R9. In addition, The R9 adopts glass cover on the fingerprint button that not only enables excellent hand feel, but also identifies fingerprint quickly. The device is equipped with deca-core Helio X20 SoC and has a Slim full-metal body . Lastly, its price starts at $139.99 for the base model with 2GB/16GB.

Book Elephone R9 now for free here. Want to learn more about the device and have a closer look? Join Elephone Official Facebook here.

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  • Monster Energy

    l love the way how it looks, beauty inside, Monster inside

    for real guys, helio X20 is extreme fast processor l like that, + scratch protecion is fabulous

  • Fandi1303

    Just wait for hands on video

  • 120 000 People already reserved this phone, WITHOUT A SINGLE REVIEW!
    People are crazy, ELEPHONE continue with their gimmicky phones and with good promo materials, but those people will be left with a sour taste in their mouth when(and I do mean when, because this phone might arrive in December)they actually receive the device.
    Elephone is just a big Ponzi Scheme!

    • Mark A

      Without even full specs…. but how hard it is too click a button – and how many will actually purchase it.

  • Luis Bastos

    People, you might be right about all that but well, where can you find an Helio X20 at 140 dollars?
    Will FHD panel and such beautifull design?
    Well, Redmi Note 3 Pro and Note 4, still, they are just two equipments which have similar specifications…
    So let’s see, but if they are able to put it all together in a way that everything works fine it will be great!
    Believe me!
    P.S About the Android versions and optimization, most of my friend don’t even know what Android is and they have smartphones, so that’s not a big deal for them, the thing is to have a solid smartphone without any bug!

  • SwervO

    I am seriously considering getting an Elephone S7 or the R9, top model phone. But What I would like to know is, will these phones receive Nougat Android update? and if so, then when?? This is very important for me and many others to know. I would hate to have phone next year that is still stuck on Marshmallow!