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Cubot Max Review – A Solid $114 Phablet

by Linus 5

It seems that there has been a wave of super-sized smartphones from China and Cubot Max is one of them. It sports a 6” display, it has decent specs but it costs just $114. Learn more in our a full review.

Thanks t0 Efox-shop for sending Cubot Max for a review.

Cubot Max Review: VIDEO REVIEW

Cubot Max Review: UNBOXING

p1020339jpg p1020340jpg

The phone ships with all the usual stuff and some extras include a high-quality soft TPU case.

Cubot Max Review: DESIGN and DISPLAY


The very first thing you are going to notice about this phone is that it is really huge due to its 6” display. It has only 720p resolution but it is surprisingly sharp and nice panel.


We don’t have backlit capacitive buttons but there is a notification LED light, which is a nice addition for a cheap phone like this.


The phone is made of plastic and we have a textured vinyl-like finish on the back. I can’t say that the phone looks or feels premium but it is well made.


The buttons feel nice and tactile.


The loudspeaker sits on the bottom and it is okay but as usual to the cheap phones, the sound is flat.


As for camera, we have a 13MP shooter with a single LED flash.

p1020346jpg p1020347jpg

The backplate can be easily removed to access a 4100mAh battery, two SIM card slots and the microSD card slot.



The Cubot Max sports some pretty good specs for the price. The phone ships with an octa-core MTK6753A chip, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

The gaming performance is okay. You should be able to run most of the 2D games and 3D games on the medium graphics but you have to expect quite a bit of stutter on the highest graphics.

Cubot Max Review: BENCHMARKS

Cubot Max Review: USER INTERFACE

The Android 6.0-based user interface will give you a pretty much stock Android experience but there are some added features like a bunch of gesture and motion controls that work pretty well.

I didn’t have any major lags or hiccups even after installing quite a few apps and I believe this is the most important thing for a cheap phone.

Cubot Max Review: IMAGE QUALITY

As for image quality, the camera can take some okay-looking photos in daylight. However, most of the shots look overexposed, the dynamic range and white balance adjustment are poor and so on. Well, this is what you usually get from a cheap phone and the results get a lot worse in low-light situations.

As for selfie shooter, it will do the trick for social media but the quality of pictures is just mediocre.

The 1080p video is mediocre-looking too. See a video review for a video sample.

Cubot Max Review: CONNECTIVITY


I didn’t have any connectivity issues and even the GPS lock speeds and accuracy were okay.

Cubot Max Review: BATTERY LIFE


The 4100mAh battery performs pretty well on the daily basis. I got a full day or even 2 days of moderate usage out of this phone, which is a good result considering a large display.

Cubot Max Review: CONCLUSIONS


Cubot Max is yet another cheap Chinese phone that offers a large 6” screen and some decent specs for the price.


After using it for quite a bit of time, we have to say that a large screen is pretty fun for multimedia consumption. Also, the phone did not lag and it was fast on the daily basis.


As usual to the cheap phones, you should not expect any stellar results from the camera. Also, the phone does not sport any premium materials like metal or glass and it lacks backlit capacitive buttons but it gets most of the basics right. If you add a great battery life, the Cubot Max is a decent offering for the price of just $114.

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Design and Build
User Interface
Battery Life
3D Gaming Performance
Overall Performance
Value for Money
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  • Rob

    Sick of all these cheap low ends phablets, some of us would like a high quality large phone for a change.

    • kakek

      Huawei ascend mate 7, 8, or 9, xiaomi mi max pro, letv le max pro or max 1, and a ZTE phone I can’t remember
      But you’re right, there’s more cheap phones than quality ones on the 6 inch market.

      • Rob

        The mate 7 is ancient now, why not include the xplay 3s if we’re going back that far? The mate 8 is overpriced and has huge black borders that otherwise ruin a beautiful looking phone. The mi max pro is mid range at best and the mate 9 isn’t even released yet! You forgot the nubia z11 max which again is mid range as are the oppo r7 plus and honor note 8 (a phone I almost bought but it has Elephone sized black bezels all the way round it), not paying out a premium price for something that ugly! Absolutely no high end large phones which is what I’m waiting for or at least upper mid range. Who knows, maybe we’ll see some good sd820 devices next year!

        • kakek

          I included the mate 7 because it’s still sold, with specs still quite decent, and a high quality build. Unlike Xplay 3s, wich is clearly outdated.

          At 80.6 mm the mate 8 can’t be described as having “huge black borders”. It’s the 3rd smallest width I can find for 6″ phone ! (Behind the mate 7 and the quiku ultimate, wich I had forgotten.) Most are above 82mm. It’s a high end 6″ phone, praised everywhere as having a great quality build. ! But hey, If about half a mm marger bezel than is possible is unacceptable …

          And if you need the absolute newest phones available, what’s better than a soon-to-be-but-not-yet-released phones, which you can buy the second it’s released ? like the mate 9.

          The others are mid range, true. But you just said your where “Sick of all these cheap low ends phablets”. I just wanted to suggest a few devices quite a step above “Cheap low end”.

          I know there’s not as much phones in the 6″ market. But there ARE few decent quality ones. They mmight not be EXACTLY what you’re looking for, but they exist

  • Hugo P. Eikko

    Cheap low end, bro? I*d say “good value”. More often then not, they perform as well as the elite ones. Even if they cannot read your fingerprint or recognize your silly smile… It’s a phone, for x’s sake. Personally, I’m sick of all this high end phones. The voice quality at the other end is just the same…