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Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Features Antenna Design Similar to OPPO R9S

by Habeeb Onawole 4

Yesterday, OPPO revealed an image of their upcoming R9S phone,showing off the new antenna design dubbed split antenna. Surprisingly, that same design is what is on the soon to be launched Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro.

Samsung C9 Pro

Pictures of the upcoming phone shows the same triple lines on the upper and lower part of the phone. The lines are not only better than the previous one that runs around the frame of all-metal phones, they also give the phone a premium look.

Samsung C9 Pro

Samsung C9 Pro

The lines are said to be less than a mm thick (0.4mm to be exact) and integrated into the chassis through a precise CNC process. The lines also sport the same colour as the rest of the phone and doesn’t appear visible from afar.

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Specifications of the C9 Pro are still unknown but it’s sibling, the C9 is expected to launch with a 6” display, 6GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, Snapdragon 652, and a 16MP rear camera. The C9 Pro may have a more powerful processor and keep the rest of the specs.

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  • markiz

    I don’t understand, why are you so obsessed with antenna lines? Who cares? Triple, quadruple, curved, whatever..

    • Assefa Hanson

      apparently you care since your going to need it for your signal reception the physics behind the position of the lines and also if the phone material is metal which interfere with reception quantity and pattern plays a massive role in the antenna lines

      • markiz

        Sure, but these articles keep comparing them on design. Like it matters. I like a good looking phone, but every few day an article purely about these lines makes no sense.

        So, samsung used a triple design on one among 100 phones, like somebody else. So what?

        • NextHype

          1. Many brands lost their visual identity copying another brand. This phone brands found antenna line to be a comparative advantage because everything else (overall design) is already pretty similar from a brand to another.

          2. Bloggers relay phone brands marketing.

          So… you’ll find plenty articles on antenna lines

          Now if you think there are too much of them, a blog needs to put online a maximum number of articles a day to keep visitors coming. May this articles be on antenna lines, unreal leaks or the next Meizu phone with Exynos SoC.