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More color options coming with UHANS A101s

by Dimitris Economou 7

Not long ago, UHANS made an announcement to release another version of the A101, the UHANS A101s. Aside from the design that is the same as in A101, the A101s has a MediaTek MT6580 SoC, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, 2450mAh removable battery and a surprisingly upgraded camera.


The previous model came in only two colors, Black and White. Luckily, the A101s comes in more color variants. Six choices of colors are provided, including Slate Gray, Quartz Pink, Gold, White, Red and Green, catering for different tastes. The device is addressed to young audience. For that reason, its character set by the company is “young and beautiful”. The rubber texture coupled by the vibrant color palette leads towards this goal.

But, exactly how well does it perform? More information will soon be available. Meanwhile, you can get the chance to obtain the UHANS A101s for $0.99 only. Just follow the instructions here and… good luck!

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  • Adriano

    Super. Uhans you react to requests of buyers! I already ordered Uhans A101 in the old version. But I am not sorry. If it is pleasant to my wife, then I will buy in the new version to her in red color.

  • Conrad

    When begin sales and the price sound? I want to purchase to the daughter to the student in the gold case.

    • JHR

      On the youtube commentators write that the price will be around $65.

      • Nikolay Sevostjanov

        If the same price, then there was no sense to begin production with 1 GB at all. isn’t it?

        • Rob Jejn

          Unload warehouses with the stamped payments. It is a pity if the same price, I already ordered A101 of the previous version.

  • Max_GR

    To me color of the casing isn’t important. Here 2GB it is better. My A101 the back cover is rubberized. That’s for sure. It is very nice on the touch. Even the cover didn’t want to put on!

    • Zoja

      The fact that in the smartphone there is no support 4G upsets, but I am sure that Uhans A101s will be more successful.