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Crazy Deal – Get Vernee Apollo Lite for as low as $99.99!

by Dimitris Economou 10

Vernee Apollo Lite promotion

It was time for Vernee to hold a big promotion for the Apollo Lite! The current flagship of the company will be on promotion from October 31 to November 9. The price will go down as low as $99.99 for limited units everyday of course. In addition, there will be 10.000 units with a discount of $50 for those who aren’t fast enough to catch the $99.99 units. The limited offer price will be available only on Gearbest and igogo, while the $50 off coupon will be available on Everbuying and Dealsmachine too.

Apollo Lite promotion

Apollo Lite is Vernee’s first deca-core smartphone with powerful performance. It features Helio X20 deca-core SoC with a main frequency up to 2.3GHz. The 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM is enough for almost everyone. Also, it supports up to 128GB memory expansion. The display is 5.5″ FHD. Its 16.0MP Samsung S5K3P3 rear camera supports PDAF and it sports a fingerprint sensor on the back and supports quick charge. Finally, the retail price is $229.99, and it launched this past June.

Apollo Lite Promotion

For more information, visit Vernee’s  promotion campaign page.

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  • Saku

    Tsk, Gearbest… I stayed on tune for Maya Max flash sale of $100 off but the price never changed at the designated time they announce. I know gizmochina won’t post false facts, but I experienced it firsthand… Is Gearbest really capable of doing this sale?

    • I think most flash sales such as this one are a blatant lie, and the marketers of such promotion deserve a pat on the back (or a punch in the face) as they run two promotions in tandem.
      They are clever enough to know some users will get impatient and go for the other coupon offer.
      Even some flash sales on AliExpress are a total scam/tease. You would find a decent phone listed for a value of <$20 and even if you wait 5 minutes on the app, you'd find it out of stock instantly. It has happened just too many times now for me to even bother.

      Might still check out Vernee at that time just to be sure, but without any high expectations.

  • Fake as shit so far, guys.
    iGoGo had nothing at all, can’t trust Gearbest either.

  • Saku

    One more hour to go on Gearbest. Never tried the igogo given it’s mostly oriented for European users.

    I hope this flash sale is real… cause I’m more than ready now.

    • I have a class at that time, but I’ll still try it out and update here.
      They are saying 20 units everyday from 31st to 5th… and they have 100 units reserved for the flash sale. ._.
      31st to 5th is actually 6 days though, have they not thought this through?
      Or is it not going to sell on the 5th. Very ambiguous.

      • Saku

        Lol, nothing happened. It remained $179 at the designated time.

        • Yeah. And my professor kept giving me weird looks for using the phone. x_x
          But the ultimate worst part about this scam was that the app never showed a flash sale at all. Didn’t even show any Vernee phone in stock… and there was also a shipping fee for both phones when calculating the total cart amount.

          I logged in on both site and the app but to no avail, total waste of time.

          • Saku

            I wish gizmochina can prove that this flash sale is legit and is actually happening… Suckers like me always get duped by this sort of event. 😫

          • We should tag some of the moderators of the blog to verify this. Let me find their usernames.

  • goga

    gizmochina just work out the money )) nothing surprising