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UHANS H5000 camera samples: A good 8MP camera

by Dimitris Economou 12

A good camera has increasingly become one of the most decisive factors for good smartphones. The UHANS H5000 may not be among the best equipped devices in terms of specs.Nevertheless, its camera does make it a worthy contender at its price which is not known yet but it will be affordable.


The 8MP rear camera it comes with is not so special, comparing to other current smartphones on the market. It is a Sony IMX219 sensor, nothing special here, either. But, as UHANS claims, its engineers have made a very good job optimizing it.


The speed of auto-focus has been greatly adjusted. It takes no more than 0.1s to focus on an object. In addition, colors are sharper, more vivid and close to reality. It has ditched all the shortcomings of UHANS S1, rendered with excellent crispness, the photos taken with H5000 with great viewing angles and vivid colors.

Below you can see some photo samples taken with H5000 without Photoshop processing or any photography techniques. Competition is tough and UHANS H5000 wants to stand solid and spoil you with a good camera.

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  • Saku

    Wow, that’s a series of pretty good shots coming from an 8MP, possibly interpolated to 13MP camera. Does it also come with stabilization effects?

  • goodwill

    I have to say the pictures are not bad for a 8MP budget phone.

    • Assefa Hanson

      im still taking this with a pinch of salt but i have to say uhans is one of the more honest companies when it comes to camera samples and even in these photos there is a bit of noise that make it look more like a smartphone camera vs those dslr types like in mi,samsung etc devices that are surely fake

  • Assefa Hanson

    but how good is the shutter speed?

  • Have never, ever seen a good IMX219 phone. It was bad even 2 years ago when it was first launch.
    Problem is that software doesn’t cut it here. I wouldn’t believe that those photos aren’t tampered with.
    Anything less than IMX214(higher numbers doesn’t mean better camera, blame Sony) is absolutely out of the question as a camera.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      DAMN IT SONY :@

      • Look who’s back 😀
        It’s not Sony’s fault, this is a very old an entry level model.
        It can only take OK photos in perfect conditions, also has slow shutter speed and horrible low-light performance.

        • Muhammad Yasir

          still banned on gizchina tho…

  • lildwell

    I might be the only one here but I would be find with a phone without a camera to save code on better soc, storage, etc.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    good joke !

  • haq

    I think Nomu S30 could beat Uhans H5000,As the Nomu S30 has amazing features.
    For the Hardness Test for Nomu IP68 Rugged Phones you can see the video on their official youtube channel 🙂

  • Aptech

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