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Geotel to release the world’s smallest phone soon

by Dimitris Economou 10

Geotel is not a widely known company amongst the smartphone market. But this doesn’t mean that they cannot produce interesting devices. The latest rumors say that Geotel is ready to release the world’s smallest phone soon. Until now, no further information is available, except for some renderings that surfaced today.


As you can see for yourself, the dark photos display a very small device indeed. So small, that next to the iPhone 7, it seems like a dwarf. Apparently, Geotel believes that there is room for a small device in a market of giants. From the pictures we can tell that there will be a fingerprint sensor available. The back of the device seems to be made of glass, although there are antenna lines that suggest it may be metal like the iPhone 7 Jet Black. The camera module seems quite big with an LED flash and the fingerprint sensor just below the. Also, its sides are curved and there is a -probably- metal frame.

If the rumors are true, we will soon have more information on the device. It looks like it is ready for production.


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  • Yes, such a market exists. Some people still want a 4″ device. If it has thin bezels and body, it could be a real “game” changer.

    • NextHype

      That’s really ballsy for a fiber optic network company, to start their smartphone business with a dwarf phone. They probably run a market analysis but i can’t stop thinking “WTF”.

      • It’s better to create a new niche market, than to just copy or outgun the competition.

        • NextHype

          For sure but… don’t tell me that none of the well known brands already run a market analysis on sub-5″ phones. If it was really profitable, they would have done it at once.

          • lildwell

            Not neccesarily. Big companies usually don’t make big changes if any until they are forced to. This is true in other markets as well. In the video game world for example, nobody believed that people would care about a world war 1 game. Yet, when battlefield 1 teaser was first released on YouTube, of received the most amount of likes of any video on the site. Many executives within EA said they were very surprised. Most big companies are followers. Not innovators.

    • Upo

      This is not enough. Most of this size phones are with seriously crippled hardware, and that is not what small phone enthusiasts want. Like Iphone SE, good size with beefy hardware. Big shot would be a Mi2s-like phone (4-4.3″) with hd-fullhd screen, current snapdragon 65x-8xx cpu, 3-4GB RAM. That could be a real game changer.

      • I can see how an SD625 can fit well in this phone.

  • Assefa Hanson

    Dimitris Economou the camera model looks like a regular sized one, it is an optical illusion why you think or you imply that it is quite bigger than usual based on the fact that your brain is seeing a smaller phone and relative to the phones size it looks “quite” big but it is actually just normal

    • Dimitris

      It may be the case but I compared it (visually) to my iPhone 5S, hence the comment. Also, it looks huge compared to the fingerprint reader underneath it. Anyway, this is just a rendering, it may not be the exact design after all.

      • Assefa Hanson