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Teclast H30 Review – A Quality Fitness Band for just $18

by Linus 3

Teclast is more known as a tablet manufacturer but we came across their cheap fitness tracker – H30. It has a great design, excellent build quality and a lot of features for just $19. Learn more in our full review.

Thanks to Gearbest for sending Teclast H30 for a review.


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The item ships with the USB cable and some paperwork.



The fitness tracker itself can be easily removed from the the band, which I found to be pretty comfortable to wear but not as comfortable as the Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

20161028_155430The build quality of the Teclast smart band is top-notch. It is made of quality plastic and I did not scratch it while wearing it for a couple of weeks.


We have a nice and bright OLED display that shows all the basic info you need: clock, date, steps taken, calories burned, distance walked and so on.


In addition, it shows the notifications from various apps (Facebook, Twitter etc.), SMS messages and calls. What I love about the call notifications is that it shows both the contact name and the number (some other cheap trackers show just the phone number or vice versa).


You can charge the bracelet with any micro USB cable.

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Another cool feature about this smart band is the heart rate monitor. While this feature is not intended for professional use, I found the results to be pretty similar to the Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

The App

You can easily connect the smart band to your phone using the Tsports app and I didn’t have any syncing issues after I was asked to create the Teclast account, which was a bit annoying (every registration requirement is annoying to me). Here you can find all the basic info about your fitness routines, set your goals, adjust some settings etc. The app gets the job done but as usual to most of the Chinese gadget-related apps, the translations to English are poor, so you have to get used to that.



The key selling point of any cheap fitness tracker to me is the battery life and the Teclast H30 delivers that. Teclast claims that it should last you about 30 days and I had like 43% of battery left after two weeks of use, which is a pretty good result.



The Teclast H30 is a cheap fitness tracker that has a ton of value of the price. It counts the steps accurately, it has a nice display, a heart rate monitor, and a great battery life. The only complaints would be annoying English translations in the app. If you can live with that, the Teclast H30 can be recommended as a good cheap fitness tracker.

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  • willysson

    IP67? 68?

  • tkff

    It is no waterproof. Lack of level IP.
    In my H30 water get inside and after one week screen not work. I not recommend.
    maby cubot v2 will be better?

  • longo213


    I admit it’s nicely built, it does have a heart rate monitor and the pedometer works surprisingly good. That’s where it all ends.

    Now the bad news: the Teclast app for phone doesn’t sync with Google Fit or any other well known service. Teclast uses their own cloud service which saves your personal and health data god knows where. Go figure.
    The app is so badly translated, that I accidentally deleted the data twice while trying simply to reset the band. How hard it is to ask a native speaker to QA the translation? It was also so badly optimized (and it didn’t changed during three updates) that running on background it killed off my phone’s batery in just 8 hours. I usually get easily two working days of usage with my LeEco Le1.
    It’s battery life is also terrible, you need to charge it every two to three days. And the armband clip is so easy to open, that I was loosing the band constantly, until I lost it for good.
    I did not shed a single tear.

    On the other hand, much cheaper Cubot V2 is much much better in basically all aspects, except the syncing part. I actually do like the V2 very much.