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Chuwi’s first laptop: Chuwi LapBook 15.6″ FHD

by Dimitris Economou 9

CHUWI is a well established tablet company. For many years they produce Android as well as Windows tablets. So, it is time for them to release their first laptop. And its name is “Chuwi LapBook”.

As the company states, its design is a combination of laptop and tablet designing. Using their experience in tablet production, the LapBook becomes one of the smallest and thinnest laptops in its category.

Chuwi LapBook

Although Chuwi LapBook is a 15.6″ large screen laptop, its size is almost equivalent to a conventional 14.1″ laptop.  This is achieved by reducing the bezel and keyboard size. In addition, it weighs only 1.86kg.

It’s equipped with such a configuration, that can handle all daily tasks.

Chuwi LapBook


Chuwi LapBook specifications

1. 15.6 inch Full HD Display.
2. 14nm process Intel X5 series 64-bit quad core CPU, up to 1.84GHz and Intel HD Graphics Gen8 GPU.
3. Windows 10 Redstone OS.
4. 4GB DDR3L RAM and 64GB eMMC ROM.
5. 10.000mAh battery capacity, 2MP front camera, Dual USB-A ports (USB3.0 x 1, USB2.0 x 1).
6. 9 – 22mm ultra-thin

CHUWI will be releasing the Chuwi LapBook at the end of this month and Gearbest has it available for preorder for $241.

Chuwi LapBook

Buy Chuwi CoreBook
  • Wolvie

    2. 14nm process Intel X5 series 64-bit quad core CPU, up to 1.84GHz and Intel HD Graphics Gen8 GPU.

    The above processor is the same old and slow as Intel Z8300 that all the china manufacturers are using LOL

    • goodwill

      Same old shitty hardware just different look. What’s the point of all these new models, really..

      • randominternetperson

        For people who don’t know any better.

  • Dimitris

    Guys, don’t exaggerate. The hardware is adequate for the 80% of the users out there. Besides, point me to another 15.6″ FHD laptop with ultrabook dimensions for 240$ and I’ll buy it right away.

    • Miroslav Stefanov

      There are a lot …. used ones, but still much better 😛

      • Ionut Johnny

        Where, links?

  • I opted for the dualboot RemixOS Hi10 Pro. I like the experience of a Windows style desktop that’s a little more focused on productivity than it is on multimedia per se; all based on a mobile/tablet friendly intuitive OS with a lot of supported apps. Purely running Windows on these mobile platforms isn’t really what you want to be doing, if you ask me, but I got the dualboot because the Vi10 Plus doesn’t have a keyboard dock, only that silly keyboard cover. And does give me the option to perhaps run a few pieces of software that aren’t availlable on Android.

    If you want this though, I believe Geekbuying has the best deal at 211,99 for the next 5 or so days.

  • Saku

    Looks good, if only its motherboard accepts upgrade, which I doubt. There’s also the issue of hefty RAM upgrade. But well, might as well try to avail one before next year, but not from Gearbest. I’ve been duped by that site hundred times by now.

  • Ronald Wierda