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Vernee Apollo Lite Snapdeal: Get it for only $179.99

by Dimitris Economou 10

As the release date for the next flagship, the Vernee Apollo is approaching, the current flagship, the Apollo Lite is often offered at a discount. So, from today until November 5, you can find the Apollo Lite on discount at Gearbest and The offer is limited to 3000 units. In addition, both retailers offer 20 units daily for only $99.99. But you must be fast enough!

Vernee Thor Vernee Apollo Lite features review

The Apollo Lite is Vernee’s first deca-core device with powerful performance. It was launched in June this year and it carries Helio X20 deca-core CPU with a main frequency up to 2.3GHz. Definitely, one of its highlights is the 4GB RAM it sports and the 32GB of internal storage. It also supports up to 128GB memory expansion. The 5.5″ FHD display is from Sharp and the 16MP camera from Samsung and supports PDAF. It sports a fingerprint sensor on the back and supports quick charge as well.

Below you can see a comparison between Helio X20 devices.

Vernee Apollo Lite Xiaomi Redmi Pro Standard edition LeEco Le 2 Pro Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
Display Size 5.5 inch FHD 5.5 inch FHD 5.5 inch FHD 5.5 inch FHD
Antutu Score 95000 86470 84557 85000
CPU Helio X20, 2.3Ghz,10-core Helio X20, 2.1 Ghz,10-core Helio X20, 2.3Ghz,10-core Helio X20, 2.1Ghz,10-core
RAM/ROM 4GB +32 GB 3GB + 32GB 3GB + 32GB 3GB +64 GB
Camera 16.0MP 13.0MP+5.0MP 16.0 MP 13.0MP
Fingerprint unlock Yes Yes Yes Yes
2.4G/5GWIFi Support Support Support Support
Quick Charge Support Support Support Support
lossless Digital Audio output Yes No Yes No
Battery 3180mAH 4050mAH 3000mAH 4100mAh
Price $179.99 $305 $219 $219
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  • They never offered any units for $99.99.
    I checked, and so did @disqus_T9KwlKTalr
    Seems like these deals are a scam.
    Can you provide any proof that there were any devices available for $99.99?

  • They never offered any units for $99.99.
    I checked and (so did @Saku:disqus); waited till the designated time on both sites, the price never changed from $179.99, not once.
    Seems like these deals are a scam.
    Can you provide any proof that there were any devices at all available for $99.99?

    • Saku

      Day 2. $179 turned to $212 in the cart. I was already inclined to buy the $179 but when I was paying for it, my golly, it has a subtotal of $212 excluding the $15 bucks shipping fee.

      I’ll try again tomorrow, but I suppose, this is a bogus flash sale from the start.

      • Had exactly the same situation yesterday when I added the phone to the cart, it became ~$212.05.
        And yep, the shipping cost extra as well.
        Thought it was a bug and this situation was exclusive to me.

        But wow, it definitely seems that GearBest are lying scums.
        I’ll check again tomorrow, forgot about it today.

        I want to buy an X20/X25 phone, and the only option I have other than Apollo Lite is the 360 N4S. It costs over ~$210 which is just out of my reach at the moment.

        • Saku

          True, me too. I am trying to buy one for a relative who’s going to have a birthday. I tell myself not to mind the price but the reality is, I can only afford much lesser than $200.

          Come on, Gizmochina! If you’re gonna post something, let it be real.

          • Cool1 Dual is a great option at $165 nowadays. A lot of people taking advantage of the price drop.
            Snapdragon 652 is pretty powerful for the price; camera setup is pretty decent.
            Only disadvantage is the lack of support for microSD and fast-charging.

          • Saku

            Yeah, I actually considered Cool1, but an online acquaintance told me that the dual camera setup was all but gimmick so here I am now, trying to find a very cost-effective phone with the help of gizmochina’s network, but still zero.

          • I don’t really like the dual camera setup right now, or I’d be having the P9 right now.
            BTW, do you have an AliExpress account?
            If you make one now despite having another one… you will receive a bunch of discounts for the 11.11 sale they’re gonna have.
            $15 off $100 and there are a lot of good options available
            Le Max 2, ZUK Z2, Redmi Pro, etc.
            Check that out, it might prove to be helpful.

  • Saku

    Mr. Article Publisher, if it’s not a bother, can you show us, even just one SS, to prove this $99 flash sale is definitely happening? Being fast enough is not the issue here because the price never changes in the first place. Time is gold nowadays, I can’t afford to waste time in false gimmicks.

  • Saku

    Okay, that settles it. Day 3 of the promoted $99 flash sale, still the “bug” happens, or was it not really a bug afterall… $179 became $208 in cart today from yesterday’s $212.

    Conclusion: Report is fake, Gearbest is fake of promoting such flash sale. Shame on them.