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Vphone S8: The smallest touch mobile phone in the world

by Dimitris Economou 6

Well, well how about that! In the middle of gigantic smartphones with 5.5″+ displays and “Mini” versions with 5″ displays, lands the smallest touch mobile phone in the world! The Vphone S8 mobile phone comes to mock all other manufacturers with its 1.54″ display.

Vphone S8 Vphone S8

Ok, it is more like a smartwatch than a phone but as long as the company doesn’t offer straps to wear it, it is a phone. Apart from its small display, it is a fully functional device. It features an MTK2502 SoC, 64MB RAM and 128MB internal storage (expandable via microSD). Also, there is a microSIM slot as well as a heart rate monitor Bluetooth 4.0 and a pedometer. There is no camera on board but you can connect it to another Android or iOS device and control the camera remotely.

Vphone S8 Vphone S8

What’s more, it can act as a sleep monitor to help you improve your sleep quality. Also, with such a small display and the lightweight proprietary OS it carries, its battery life should be fairly good.

The device is on presale at Gearbest for just $30.64 and it should start shipping on November 30.

Vphone S8

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  • goodwill

    These kind of phone is not going to sell. When will they ever learn.

  • NextHype

    It features an MTK2502 SoC, 64GB RAM and 128MB internal storage (expandable via microSD)

    Damn ! So much RAM in a little device !
    Or a typo xD

    • TheObserver

      copy paste mistake…Saw it in 3 different sites…Also is it stand-alone or not? Not clear yet.

      • NextHype

        obviously, yes, but to be serious that’s not really a product we should care of, except if we wanna buy a smartphone for a child

        • TheObserver

          For 25$ I consider everything. This is not a bad case for a backup device, given that it works without problems. And it is autonomous . I messaged GearBest.

          • NextHype

            You got a point here. I’m always using an old phone as backup so I never think of buying a backup phone.
            Plz come back here to give us your feedback if you purchase it !