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Does Elephone S7 feature fast charging?

by Dimitris Economou 9

Elephone S7 is on presale for some time now, with the first devices arriving to their owners after November 25. Although it is on presale, there still are some specs that are unknown. In previous posts we referred to some features it will carry, like the sun screen, eye mode, split-screen, video lag elimination and others that Elephone has been working on.

Elephone S7 fast charging

According to the latest rumors, Elephone will probably equip the device with Fast Charging technology. Also, we learn that this function is still in testing phase and that we will soon have official info when it’s finishes. One thing is for sure: Elephone is putting great effort in making the best possible device in its price range. How will it end we don’t know though.

What other features do you think Elephone will develop in the future ? Stay tuned on Gizmochina for more info on Elephone S7 and other upcoming devices.

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  • mopsert

    They should rather bring back Pump Express to the P9000! Quite a few, including me, have experienced that after the latest update the fast charging feature is not working anymore. Thanks to Elephone for charging us extra for the Pump Express charger (since no charger was provided in the box) and then get rid of the feature!

    • goodwill

      I was an Elephone user myself. Lesson to be learnt, never buy from Elephone. haha

      • mopsert

        Yeah! True dat! The new S7 and R9 look and seem to be another step in the right direction, but I also don’t trust them anymore…

  • MSi_ GS70_6QE

    Why dat question mark ?? it should support as standard..


    Yeah it should support quick charge. That is very necessary these days.

    • goodwill

      Your kind, lowlife, should stay in Gizchna. There’s no room for fake commenters here.

  • techi

    Lol the previous order session has been started weeks ago but not yet sure if it has the capability of fast charging or not??
    Quite funny isn’t it?
    I think it already have fast charging cause previously they already tried with fast charging on P9000 so it should have fast charging definitely.

  • Midori Chen

    After 25th November means users will receive devices by 1st week of December. So finally they are available by the end of this year. 🙂

  • 9shqipgag

    and l thought only type-C had fast charging LOL