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Elephone Ele-Box Bluetooth Speaker exposed

by Dimitris Economou 4

Today, Elephone revealed a bluetooth loudspeaker box. Elephone Ele-Box has a modern and fashionable appearance. Its design draws ideas from Nordic style designs. Speaking of design, the Ele-Box is not just a bluetooth loudspeaker.Due to its beautiful design it also serves as an indoor decorative.

Elephone Ele-Box

It is manufactured using the double-shot molding and key press molding technology. This ways, it gives you a soft and comfortable feeling. In addition, Ele-Box also features a 1.000mAh battery that gives the speaker a 6-hour continuous playbacks. What’s more, the Bluetooth 4.1 integration makes it retain a highly efficient and stable wireless transmission. It may seem like a decorative at first sight, but in reality it is a wireless speaker!

Elephone Ele-Box

More details about its price and the rest of its specs are unknown for now. When we get more information from Elephone, be sure that you will be the first to know.

Meanwhile, you can take a look on for more details on other products and offers.

Elephone Ele-Box

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