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Elephone 11.11 Shopping Carnival comes tomorrow

by Dimitris Economou 4

Elephone has surprised us as it seems that their discounts for the 11.11 Shopping Carnival will be the biggest among all companies. Thanks to that, the reservations number for the carnival has exceeded the 30.000 units. Since Elephone announce the promotion, there’s high attention coming from their loyal customers. According to statistics from the company, the reservation number may be a new record for them in the end.

Elephone 11.11 Carnival

As the quantity of the promotional products is limited, you better get ready and rush to reserve your favorite product. There is a special page they have ready for you! Bes sure to do it as soon as possible as the Carnival begins in less than 17 hours. It begins on November 11th, 4:00PM (GMT+8).

The eligible devices that will be joining the Carnival are Elephone P9000, S3, S3 Lite, S1 and C1. There is always a phone for you, what are you waiting for? If you miss it now, you will have to wait a whole year!

Just visit the reservation link here and you are good to go.

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  • techi

    Elephone has created a huge buzz among smartphone users. Since Chinese brands are being globalised in recent times, they are also showing some positive impact.


    30,000 units? How they arranged so much? Have to see the deals and discounts hurry.

  • Rocky Raja

    30,000 units??? are they becoming the Chinese super giant after Xiaomi??
    I have seen a lot news about Elephone and their rapid launching of new products and even sub-brand!

  • Midori Chen

    I heard that they are giving discount of $25 to maximum $100. honestly speaking this is a big amount of discount!