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The first 2 batches of Elephone S7 have been shipped out!

by Dimitris Economou 20

Finally! The device that has made it to the news more than every other device from Elephone, is on its way to its owners! As Elephone reported, the first 2 batches of the Elephone S7 have already been shipped out. So, they should reach their owners in a matter of days. Of course, the procedure is “first come, first served” and the early buyers are those who will receive their orders first.

Elephone S7

With more than 400.000 reservations and 140.000 payed orders, it must be the most successful presale period for the company. What’s more, production of the device has a good pace right now and the rest of the orders aren’t too far away from dispatching.

Elephone S7

The device features the Helio X20 SoC with up to 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The base model is not available any more. This means that the lowest configuration is 3GB/32GB for the Gold color. As always, you can get it from starting at $169.99. As we know from previous news, an Android 7.0 update is on its way too.

Elephone S7

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  • Acta.jr

    finnaly shipments, l love this

  • Tremaine Underwood

    Oh cool, now we will finally see if the crowd funded S7 is worth a shit.

    • Acta.jr

      all l know that, dirt is cleaner than your face, control that mouth bit, noone is forcing you to buy an elephone S7, you’re just dumbass who can’t afford this and you’re spreading hate and stupidity all over, please grow up and GTFO

      • Wolvie

        Ah another paid (by elephoney) troll fake poster spotted !!!

        If Elephoney reputation so good then why all of the earlier buyers came back complaining about the stupidly low quality of their Elephoney ????

        • goodwill

          The ele forum alone is enough to know how bad their services and software are. lvl of complain there, 90% out of 100. haha, and why are these paid commentor in gizmo?? Linus, ban them will you

        • Acta.jr

          not paid motherfucker, l own W2 and a camera twice from elephone how could l hate them? can you tell me?

      • Tremaine Underwood

        At no point did I ever consider buying an Elephone because all the previous stuff they released got ripped apart by reviewers( I will be fair and say the P9000 seemed to get decent reviews) and well I am not retarded, I quite like not throwing my money in a hole. Thats why I stick to Xiaomi, Letv and Meizu, getting something that I know will last and in most cases cheaper. Its truly sad to see how these so called review sites have sold out. Show me an article from one of the brands I have just mentioned like the one above. This is a paid add to keep the hype going and try prove to people that they really are shipping them.What other brand has to do that. By the way nice mature dis, I assume your mother taught you that from all her years spreading wide on the street corner ;-). Maybe you are just annoyed because you are still waiting for your Vowney.

        • Acta.jr

          l own P9000

      • Riccardo Benzoni

        someone saying “you can’t afford an Elephone”… now I’ve seen them all! 😀

        • Acta.jr

          glad to hear that…

    • BS

      someone is hungry 😂😂😂

  • BS

    great, l love that…

  • ElefraudSux

    Finally! The first reviews, are saying that this phone is trash! I can’t wait to read more bad reviews, for this overrated crap phone! =D

    P.S. I hope “Elefraud” will give me a free phone too, for my “good” comment… =P

  • MSi_ GS70_6QE

    i wanna price cut on black friday.. half price and am buyin it on 1000%

  • Dimitris

    Hey guys, how about make some serious commenting instead of bashing every Elephone article? Or are you here to do just that?

    • Tremaine Underwood

      Shame are Elephone going to pay you less if you don’t respond to the negative comments? How about you write a real article for once instead of these constant elephone adds? Based on what you guys are writing any new person would think elephone are the best brand ever. Taking the stuff you regurgitate as a recommendation. Maybe you just know nothing about Chinese phones and elephone’s track record, let’s say that rather…

      • Dimitris

        Another useful comment of the day. I know nothing about Chinese phones. And Santa Claus is real. Good day to you all.

    • princetom

      Are u kidding me? This is eleFRAUD, no news anymore here but crap & shit.

    • lildwell

      When there are multiple articles a week and all of them are useless, they deserve bashing. They are bashing you just as much as they are Elephone. The only person worth paying attention to on this site is Linas because he actually contributes to the community with great reviews. Not just flood the site with spam…

  • Robert542

    That’s great news! They’ve been shipped! Maybe it finally means we won’t have any more ‘news’ about the god-like phone, Elephone S7.