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PPTV King 7 Review – The Most Underrated Cheap Android Phablet?

by Linus 28

You know, I’ve reviewed quite a few smartphones over the time but some of the devices keep astonishing me. I just came across the unknown and unheard 6” all-metal phone that is called PPTV King 7. It not only looks great but it is powerful and it costs just $130. Learn more in our full review.

Thanks to for sending the PPTV King 7 for a review


PPTV King 7 Review: UNBOXING

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The phone ships in a premium box where all the items are packed neatly but there are no extras included.

PPTV King 7 Review: DESIGN




The King 7 is a truly premium-looking device since it is made almost entirely of metal (except for the top and bottom parts for antennas), the metal buttons are tactile, and they do not rattle, and finally, the phone sits nicely in the hand.


The phone is huge due to its 6” display, which has 2K resolution and it is definitely one of the best panels you can’t find on any device in this price range. I know that many people complain about the black bezels around the display but I’m okay with that. Well, you can’t have it all at this price point.


We have an 8MP camera and a nice pulsing notification LED light on the front. I don’t like the fact that there are only the on-screen navigation keys but at least you can switch the position of them.


As for the main camera, we have a 13MP shooter that is coupled with a dual-tone dual LED flash.


When it comes to audio, the loudspeaker is easily one of the best in this price range.


Also, the sound quality via earphones is just great since the PPTV phone has a built-in Hi-Fi audio chip. Finally, the top-mounted IR blaster works just fine with my Samsung TV.



When it comes to the specs, the King 7 is a little outdated but it is still plenty powerful for such a low price.

The phone ships with the Helio X10 chip, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, which can be further expanded via the microSD card slot.

The 3D gaming experience is pretty good. Although you may see some skipped frames on the highest graphics in some games but switching graphics to medium solves the issue.



As far as the user interface, you will love it or hate it. The phone runs on the outdated Android 5.1 and there is a heavily customised PP OS UI skin on top of it.

The performance of the UI is pretty good as I didn’t have any lags or stutter. You may love the user interface because there are plenty of customization options, various settings and tweaks to play with. On the other hand, you may hate it since there is no app tray, the icons look cartoonish and you may not need all those extra features if you are a more conservative user.


Well, I can definitely live with this user interface as it has been running smoothly but I always prefer stock Android, so I downloaded the third-party launcher.



As for image quality, you should not expect any stellar results from a cheap phone like this. Still, you may get some nice-looking photos that are pretty sharp and detailed. However, the camera has some issues with the edge-to-edge focusing and there could a little bit more detail in some of the shots.

The selfie camera has a pretty aggressive beautification mode so the images will definitely look great on social media.

The video quality is just mediocre as on most of the cheap phones. Unfortunately, I could not play any 4K video samples on my Mac due to format compatibility issues but make sure to check out the video description for original camera samples. See the video review or download original camera samples using the link below.

Download full resolution camera samples 



When it comes to connectivity, the phone performs well. The signal strength and call quality are good, the Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS work fine.


The King 7 ships with the 3610mAh battery and it has to power a huge 2K resolution display. I was sceptical once I first saw the spec sheet but surprisingly, I managed to get over 5 hours of screen-on time on a mixed use, which is a good result. Unfortunately, the phone does not ship with the fast charger.

N.B. charging graph indicates the time when the phone was connected to the computer for approx. 1-2 mins for data transfer.



Honestly, I have never heard about the PPTV company before but the King 7 exceeded my expectations, to say the least.

For the price of just $130, this phone is a great value since it has an excellent build quality, very nice and sharp 6” 2k display, a little outdated but still decent specs, feature-rich UI and a pretty good overall performance.


Obviously, the phone is not for everyone due to its size. Also, some may hate the black bezels around the display, the phone runs on the outdated Android 5.1 and there is no fingerprint sensor.


Still, if you consider that this phone has a decent camera, great sound quality and a pretty good battery life, the PPTV King 7 is an awesome phone for the price, despite previously mentioned shortcomings.


If you consider that this phone has a decent camera, great sound quality and a pretty good battery life, the PPTV King 7 is an awesome phone for the price, despite previously mentioned shortcomings.

Design and Build
User Interface
Battery Life
3D Gaming Performance
Overall Performance
Value for Money
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  • Saku

    I love the fat cat 😍

    But like usual, good review.

  • Andrei

    Hello Linus,
    Does this phone has an Official ROM with Google apps and OTA update? Or does it run on a modified software installed by the resseler?
    This is an important aspect when buying a chinese phone.

    • hi, yes, official rom

  • Tremaine Underwood

    Thank you Linus, awesome review!!! This device seems to almost have gone unnoticed, I think I might have been the person that brought this to your attention ;-).

    • thanks! yeah, it is a great device for the price!

      • Luciano

        Hi Linus, hope you are well. Are you going to review the Redmi 4 Prime soon? If it is the case, could you please let us know about the sound quality of the speaker and also the output sound from the 3.5mm jack? You have probably already received the phone already and playing with it, please let me know your feelings about the sound quality. I am asking that because I am about to order the phone today. Thanks.

  • Bility

    Hi Linus, Thanks for a good review, I have been looking at this phone for a while now but am not sure how to install Google Services on it any idea how to install this?

    • Rob

      It comes pre-installed so don’t worry about it.

  • Rob

    Well I own 2 of these handsets and have being eyeing them up since they released last year at over $350! I have to disagree with a few points in your review however as I’ve been using them both for well over a month now. Firstly something I noticed comparing the 2 handsets side by side is the screens are different and although they are both running identical roms the camera apps are also slightly different (the 1 has more features).

    The 3G reception is weak on both handsets, wi-fi also drops fairly often for no apparent reason and the phone requires a reboot to fix it. You also failed to mention the ‘no ringtone’ issue that these phones are plagued with, an incoming call doesn’t ring or vibrate so easy to miss a call unless you happen to be looking at your phone at the time. There is a ROM update but it has to be installed manually via a pc to install it, so not ideal for some people who have no experience in such matters.

    The battery life is also really poor, I find I have to charge the phone at least once throughout the day and sometimes a second time if I play a few games and it runs quite hot! The video camera though is incredible, far superior to my 1080p camcorder, really haven’t seen a phone come close in this regard.

    That’s my 2 cents worth that I though I should mention to potential buyers, however the screen is really beautiful.

    • Steve B

      Probably a mix of older and newer stock, as a commercial failure these have been dumped in to the reseller market. Also reseller’s tweak the ROMs, especially on China only devices.
      Had one of these which i gave to my son, didn’t have the issues others have experienced, apart from poor battery life, but that was to be expected, surprised at Linus’ findings on that one. I have King 7S on the way too as that is now also reduced and actually cheaper than (what I paid for) the King 7.

      • Alessandro

        how much did you pay for 7? and how much for 7s?
        i ordered the7s from gearbest BUT…….i think i will receive the 7!
        it is almost impossible they truly sell the 7d, it is hard to find, don’t you think?

        i prefer the 7 for better moding ecc…. but to have a 3d stereoscopic qhd panel is VERY NICE, considering that i loved so much my lg optimus 3d in the past.

        i think gearbest labeled 7s but they actually sell 7. when i will receive it i will update….

        • Steve B

          I thought the same, but enough people queried Gearbest on this in the Q&A section and they confirmed several times. Also this is a presale, still waiting for stock which suggests it should be the 7S as stock of 7 has been available on reseller market for a while now. It’s been a commercial failure so I guess after the sell off of the cheaper version, the 7s has to follow, that’s the hope at least.
          Can’t remember exact price as it was 3 months ago I bought the King 7, but it was roughly $10-20 more than Gearbest price.

          • Alessandro

            gearbest has a flash sale, nota PRE sale…. they have it in stock.
            Ok we well see what version we will receive 😉
            i sincerely think the 7…not 7s, because i’ve never seen on a blog or youyube a review of the 3d ( S) variant.

            i can only find info about THE PRESENTATION of ot… but i don’t know if it ever hit the market for real…. because no one has the 3d panel reviewed.

            however, 110usd is a great price for 7 or 7s….a 3d panel cuts 50% of pixels to let you see 3d effect so 3d on a 2560×1440 panel is THE BEST POSSIBLE AT THE MOMENT….. and for 110usd it’s a steal

          • Steve B

            Well Flash sale, but not shipped until Dec 2nd at earliest, might not be until Dec 14th, and no stock available outside that offer. They also insist its the 7s in Q&A. They have now deleted some of the duplicate questions, but at least one remains where they confirm it.
            I couldn’t find any reviews of the standard King 7 either until the recent stock availability though resellers, same for other phones I’ve got recently that suffered similar commercial fate i.e. Ramos Max1. Had to take a gamble, and only now are resellers supplying reviewers.
            I’m pretty confident it is the King 7s. Stock of the standard King 7 has probably all been snapped up, so logically that only leaves 7s left to discount.
            I got similar great deals on the Iuni U2 3GB and Gionee E7 3GB a few back, plus also Yotaphone 2 and Ramos Max1 recently (and of course King 7). Sometimes it’s great for us consumers when these projects don’t work out.

          • Alessandro

            i like your argumentation, i notice you are a nice follower like me …of the phone trend prices 🙂
            however…. i have to say you that bangood initially had the king7 sold at 129usd…then recently arrived to 119 flash sale, and just 2 /3 days later gearbest offered it at the shocking price of 109, i must admit i didn’t notice the “final s”, but considering the “same” period banggood ( and others if i remember) offered the same phone, i suspect it’s the NOT 3d variant, just because imho that version is only a presale manifest….but the real production could have jumped the S stock.

            however if it is 3d it is a steal for sure, i ask you:
            after the lg optimus 3d, how many other phones did REALLY arrive to the market? i sincerely don’t remind anything…. 🙁 i’ve read of some vkworld phones with auto-stereoscopic 3d but i don’t know if a phone really hitted the market.

            but i can say that 3d need higher resolution and 720p or 1080 is not great…. so the king7s qith QHD panel is the best solution for 3d 🙂 but sadly there is NO SUPPORT OF THE COMMUNITY for 7s version.
            i come from ITALY…….and an italian forum does have support(guides for root,modding,xposed…) for the king 7, not 7s.

            however speaking about your other purchases i don’t like them 😛 because some are with little displays… or tiny batteries, and i only like phones from 5,7 to 6 inches….. the ramos mos1 is nice BUT too much big, and for the price of 130usd…..there’s near the XIAOMI MAX at just 180usd…..but it’s infinitely better with snap650 and xiaomi quality.

            i think you should also follow the prices of the redmi pro, that phone sold very BAD, the name is very unpleasant….”redmi pro” and people don’t understand if note3 pro, 3pro, note 4 pro…
            but i think that if we fly over the problem of having helio x20/25 …..the rest of the prone is really high spec, with dual camera, front fingerprint reader, oled display, brushed aluminum…. and I SUPPOSE last stocks of the 128gb version will be sold at a low price…. something like about 200usd ( it’s already at 250usd)

          • Steve B

            It will be a case of wait and see i guess, but the delay is hopeful to me. And Gearbest’s insistence that it is the 7s, always useful to get a further discount if it proves not to be. Paypal is also useful here.
            There was also previously the Takee 1 3D phone which caused a stir last year when discounted to $100 from it’s original $500 price. It proved so popular that it was even refreshed with new colours for limited additional run at the lower price and attempts made to update to the latest Android, though this inevitably failed I believe as the 3D process was badly affected. It was well reviewed at the lower price, but still the PPTV is a beast in comparison, so fingers crossed.

          • Alessandro

            i asked to gb the same question, same reply 7s!
            wow we hopely will see a 3d qhd in our hand. i hope at least root and xposed will be compatible…
            i leave u my mail so u can write me and add me to skype, to help each other if u are interrsted like me in root and xposed or just discover every bug or functionality of the king7s.
            iam4ever @ ymail . com

          • Steve B

            Thanks. Looking forward to this one, hopefully will arrive before Christmas. Will need to find a screen protector, my son just scratched his King 7 from a minor fall.

          • Alessandro

            i have ordered from aliexpress a silicon cover for 1,2 usd

  • Muhammad Yasir

    no finger print sensor … no type c , i’ll PASS !

  • G’n’T

    Great review Linus. I have been looking at this phone for quite sometime too but the lack of a finger print sensor is what stops me from buying it. However at this price point, it is great value for money.

  • willysson

    Hey Linus, assuming this phone, the Leagoo Shark 1, and the Xiaomi Mi Max were ALL the SAME price, which would you choose? On sale, there’s just about US$50 difference.

    • sryudotcom

      I will choose Mi Max dude

    • lildwell

      Mi Max all of the way. SD 650/652 is a top grade chip and its updated by Xiaomi withba decent modding community.

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