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Samsung may adopt Jet Black color in the Galaxy S7 lineup

by Dimitris Economou 2

It is widely accepted that as far as the design and marketing are concerned, Apple is the industry leader. Whenever a new color, material or feature they adopt, most of its rivals adopt it as well after a while. So, Samsung might surprise it customers with an all-new glossy black color option for its Galaxy S7 line of smartphones as the Korean Herald reports.

Samsung Galaxy S7

According to sources, the new hue is pretty much the ‘Jet Black‘ that Apple offers for its flagship iPhone 7. The report comes following after the unprecedented failure of Samsung’s now discontinued Galaxy Note 7 device and is likely a move aimed at reducing sales losses from the Note 7 recall. According to the Korean Herald, the new Coral Blue S7 is currently selling almost 15,000 units each day. Βy comparison, sales of the iPhone 7 have dropped to about 10,000 units a day.

Outside of Korea, Samsung continues to trail behind Apple when it comes to sales. While the company produces almost 20% of all smartphones sold globally, the iPhone dominates the market in terms of industry profits with a total of over 103%. On the contrary, Samsung gets only a tiny bit of 0.9%.

Shortly after the Note 7 recall, some users started reporting their S7 devices have also been catching fire. Samsung has since issued a statement, reassuring customers there’s nothing to fear about in the Galaxy S7 Series.

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  • kumaran

    I agree Apple invented black they should sue…Hehehe.. Thanks to the writer for showing us how dumb Apple supporters really are and how easily it is to fool them. Have your authors any brain? This is ridiculous. The idiots thinking Apple invented colors. What a terrible article.

    The news that’s going on is a rumor. This is dreams of the iDevil.

    OK. Read this

    The Apple iPhone 7 “Jet Black” copycat from Samsung “Black sapphire” (S6) and “Black Onyx” (S7).

    Galaxy Note 3 – (Announced- 2013, September)
    Colors – Black, White, Pink, Merlot Red, Rose Gold Black, Rose Gold White

    Galaxy Note 2 – (Announced-2012, August)
    Titanium Gray, Marble White, Amber Brown, Ruby Wine, Pink, Blue

    Galaxy Note – (Announced- 2011, September)
    Colors – Black, White, Pink

    Samsung has been releasing Gold (Or Rose Gold), Pink, Gray phones way before Apple. And the Apple copycat from Samsung (Apple copied colors variant).

    Earlier generations of the iPhone were only available in two colors, white and black (iPhone-iPhone 5), but the trend changed when Apple launched a gold iPhone 5s variant, alongside space gray, Rose gold, and silver colored models. The iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus are available in similar colors.

    Samsung has been releasing “Black sapphire” (S6) and “Black Onyx” (S7) way before Apple. Apple announced the iPhone 7 Plus and they are called “Jet Black” (New Name). Four years ago, they were called iPhone 5 “Black”. And four years later, they are called “Jet Black”. Apple has been stealing other companies ideas for years. Here is proof that.

    This article is a iDiot joke. This is pointless. Maybe you need to be educated a little more.

  • lildwell

    Black has always been a standard color. This article is plain stupidity.