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Elephone Helio P25 device with 6+128GB coming next month

by Dimitris Economou 10

Devices with 6GB RAM will become mainstream in a couple of years. So, manufacturers are already beginning to develop and produce many of them. So is Elephone that, according to rumors, is about to launch a mysterious model with 6GB/128GB configuration.There are not many SoCs that support 6GB of RAM, and since Elephone is using exclusively MTK chips, it should be one that does. Helio P25 is a probability since it has support for that amount of RAM. The mystery device will probably be released next month.

Elephone Helio P25

More details are not available for now, but it is reporter that it will feature a 16MP or 21MP rear camera. Also, it will likely feature a display bigger than 5.5″. This should give enough space for a battery capacity of 4000mAh and up. The above information are not official yet, but if they are true, the new model of Elephone is already competitive enough. Moreover, its price will likely be under $300.

Previous references referred to a device with Helio X30 and 8GB RAM. If both rumors are true, we will be talking about smartphones reaching desktop computers RAM amount (16GB-32GB) in a few years.

*The photo is for reference only.

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  • Saku

    I doubt it will P25, especially since the accounted date of this device’s unveiling is next month.

    • princetom

      As usual, expect it in 2017 after other manufacturer has released their own device with the p25 or x30

  • Acta.jr

    is P25 more powerful than X25? and yeah display looks good tho

  • BS

    l still remember days when newest PC had 1GB of ram, and now 8GB for under 400$ ( I dont know price just saying) but seriously hope that elephone will use snapdragon or kirin chipsets next year…

  • techi

    Is it P25??
    I think it would be Helio X25!!

  • Rocky Raja

    Hey isn’t it 6gb + 128gb??


    Grhh!! It’s very much confusing Dimitris Economou, the title is saying it’s 6+128 GB. But the contents are saying it’s 6+128 GB! Which one is correct??

  • Midori Chen

    Is this that smartphone which will have a dual rear camera module?? Specs looks so decent. Hope this are real specifications. And hope this would be cheaper.

  • BS

    this model have 8GB ram not 6GB ram 😉

  • Yason Bedrigion

    people only think that more ram counts everything but thats wrong its also the latency and bandwith. You cant compare a mobile phone ram against a pc .