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Real Image of Meizu X: Sports Dual Cameras and Looks Like A Honor 8

by Habeeb Onawole 5

The Meizu X will be unveiled next week and there is a chance it will be the first Meizu phone to run the new Flyme 6 OS. The unique feature of the phone is its Helio P20 processor but that doesn’t seem to be the only thing going for it, as a leaked image of the phone shows that Meizu has also paid attention to its design.

The image was posted on Weibo today and we are shocked to see that the Meizu X sports dual cameras and a rear positioned fingerprint scanner. Those who can easily spot similarities between phones will be quick to notice that it looks so much like the Honor 8.

Meizu X Real Image

Left to me, that’s not a bad thing. Quite a number of manufacturers copy each other’s designs and Huawei isn’t left out.

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The Meizu X will launch with Mediatek’s Helio P20 processor clocked at 2.3GHz. It will also feature a Mali-T88o MP2 GPU which offers up to a 20% increase in performance over the Helio P10.

Fact: This is not the first time Meizu will use the ”X” name. Last year, they released a smart bulb called the Meizu X-Light Plus.

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  • Rick

    Spot something more interesting, there’s no top speaker on the front, so might be the Mi Mix type of a speaker. Also, the back fingerprint is unusual for Meizu, so that suggest they could not put it on the front because.. the screen sports all the way to the bottom:) Well, maybe I’m just day-dreaming, but who knows..:)

    • NextHype

      and Meizu logo is engraved on the front panel…

      • Qidamin

        It can be boot logo as well…I was thinking the same as Rick anyway.

  • Saku

    MP2 for GPU… 😥

  • Interesting device, Meizu were never a great gaming brand, but camera they’ve proven they can do.
    Will definitely keep an eye out for this one.