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Elephone Dual Camera is on its way

by Dimitris Economou 23

Dual camera smartphone existed long before the iPhone 7 without much success. But this time it seems they got it right and such devices pop up like mushrooms. Remember the portrait mode shot by iPhone 7 Plus? Are you familiar with the samples from Huawei Mate 9 and its depth of field shots?  Then you know what it’s all about.

Elephone dual camera

Elephone will also launch a mysterious model that goes with dual camera. The Elephone Dual Camera device will feature shooting before focusing, background blur, etc.

Elephone dual camera

The key point for all companies is how much you are willing to pay for certain features. Here is where marketing steps in. Are you willing to pay the premium price that Apple or Huawei wants you to?

Elephone dual camera

Elephone has always had affordable devices taking into account their hardware specs.  It is a certainty that this will continue with the Elephone Dual Camera device that is coming.

Are you willing to pay for a dual camera smartphone? And if yes, how much?

Learn more about Elephone here.

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  • techi

    Back to back news about upcoming flagships by Elephone??? They already introduced smartphones like P9000 and S3, S7!!

    • BS

      2 months = 1 new smartphone 😀


    Why Elephone is posting pictures taken by iPhone and Mate 9??
    Instead they could post some sample pics taken by the mysterious model that could be interesting I think.

    • Nuclear Daisy

      yeah weird, but I guess it won’t be long until we get more Elephone ‘news’ 😀

  • Midori Chen

    Is this the model of Elephone Helio P25 device with 6+128GB coming next month?? The ultimate flagship??

  • Rocky Raja

    But there is no mention about how megapixels the cameras are! And what would be the aperture/f-point.
    Is there any news about that?

  • Tremaine Underwood

    Oh thank Donald, I was wondering when they would do this.

    • Acta.jr


  • Such unsupported ‘news’. Bullcrap couldn’t be any crappier.
    This tells me nothing. Another Elephone fictive story.
    All about fake specs and fake phones.
    Where that P9000 Edge at?

    • BS

      l think they replaced P9000edge with another edge model

      • And the P20? And the C1? And and and.
        Elephone. The render company.

        • Assefa Hanson

          The c1 is out

  • BS

    they’re expanding so much, introducing a new smartphone every 2 months must be hard, but we still need android N upgrade for P9000 they said mid-november right?

    • Acta.jr

      beta update is already out but you need to flash dat romm

  • Acta.jr

    will this model use samsung’s lenses?

  • lildwell

    Man. First gizchina now this? Who won’t take elephones money?

    • Wolvie

      Yeah but sadly money normally got more power over integrity

      The big annoying problem is not the elephoney post but those freakin shit fake paid troll posters.

  • goodwill

    wow.. the fake commenters have migrated here from gizchna. The usual rocky, explorer, midori, techi.. i wonder if gizmochina is going to let this run. I can guarantee you these sad bunch only post comments on elephone threads. haha

    • Assefa Hanson

      Sadly this is the case, only gsm is free from them but that’s page doesn’t post enough Chinese news they barely know much OEMS, which leaves device Specifications dot com but that site doesn’t have comment interaction but it does post significant phone new from many many oems

  • Elephone do have OK devices for the price, but the camera is always sub-par.

    • goodwill

      and the software is shit. big bugs out of the box

      • You mean when you open the box ants, roaches and mantises come out? 😀

        • goodwill

          haha. yeah, pretty much.