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Vernee Apollo is the first MTK VR Flagship

by Dimitris Economou 9

Vernee Apollo may have been announced many months ago, but it still hasn’t been released. Finally, after the long wait, the device will come to the market very soon. And Vernee has already started the reservations event. After nearly half year’s redesign and rescheduling, Vernee Apollo will be released as the world first MTK VR flagship smartphone.

Vernee Apollo

Vernee Apollo main specs

Display: 5.5 inch 2K (2560×1440) display
CPU      : Helio X25 2.5Ghz deca-core chipset
RAM     : 4GB LPDDR 3
ROM     : 64GB eMMC 5.1
Camera: 21.0MP SONY IMX 230

Retail price: $299.99

Regarding the reservations process, Vernee will give out 50 coupons everyday. Each coupon is worth $50 and is eligible to lower the price to $249.99. Below are the prerequisites for the reservation.

Coupon Usage

1. Vernee will send 50 coupons (each worth $50) to the lucky participants each day
2. Each coupon can only be used once to purchase Vernee Apollo
3. The coupons are valid from 25th Nov. to 5th Dec.
4. The coupons are eligible only when the price is at $299.99
5. Vernee reserves the explanation rights of this campaign


Lastly, there can be no presale period without a gift. For that reason, Vernee will give away 5 wooden bases everyday via its Facebook Page. The rules are the ones below.

Vernee Apollo

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  • Sony IMX230 is still a great sensor, but it must have a manual mode to fully be appreciated.
    I’ve done wanders in low-light photography with Honor 7(same sensor), thanks to the great manual mode.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      what is manual mode and how can a user like me , who has NOT much idea about

      photography, use it for ABSOLUTE KILLER PICS ?

      cue @SmartphoneWars:disqus

      • Experiment with the settings, you’ll find your way 🙂

        • Muhammad Yasir

          i don’t have a smartphone … yet

    • johala02

      As I understand it you get a $50 discount if you pre-order the Apollo.

      But its not all about hardware of course, how often will the software be updated etc.. Vernee have a good track record in that aspect.
      I will hold my final judgment to I have seen a real review of the device. But so far I am very interested in it.

  • johala02

    The rumours say it would be priced at $ 399. So good news it was not the case. It think it can be a best seller for Vernee.

  • shahajad ahmad

    today many mobile phones with sd820 exist under usd200 -300 better then verny apollo sd procceser is best then wrost and cheap all mtk procceser so i think verny is making mistake in this price tag mi5 zuk z2 pro leetve mobile withe sam hardwre specipication better then verny apollo this handset price under 150-200 is good idea for buyer

    • Floans

      don’t look forward that happens, it must be acceptable to us that get a high-end level device always at a very apparant low price, it’s not good to both customers and manufactures. we don’t need more junks to be released.

  • “DDR3” and “eMMC” are two keywords fit for a $200 mid-tier phone. At $299 you can get a lot more phone from other brands.