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BLUBOO Edge vs iPhone 7 Plus: Five Hour Battery Life Test Video

by Dimitris Economou 1

From the previous BLUBOO Edge articles you already know that the dual-curve display device packs a secure 2600mAh Li-poly battery. And today we have a battery test video by BLUBOO. In the video, the Edge goes against the iPhone 7 Plus, a device with very good battery performance.

BLUBOO Edge battery test

For test purposes, both devices came with 100% charge and with the highest brightness level. The two phones went into a five-hour. Offline video playback, video recording, playing games, social networking and video chatting were the tests, all 1 hour each.

BLUBOO Edge battery test

After the first three hours, iPhone 7 Plus had 51% of the battery capacity left while the BLUBOO Edge kept 54%. Then after one hour network browsing, the iPhone 7 Plus lost 15% battery while the Edge lost 16%. Finally with one hour of video chatting, the iPhone 7 Plus kept 10% of the battery capacity, while the Edge model was at keep 11%.

To sum up, based on the testing result it’s quite obvious that the differences are minor and both devices shows excellent battery endurance.

BLUBOO Edge battery test

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BLUBOO Edge battery test

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