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Andoer Dual-lens 360 Degree Panoramic VR Camera 60% off on TomTop

by Dimitris Economou 0

As global economy is affecting more and more countries, the once closed economy of China is has adapted to the modern environment. For that reason, the Chinese retailers have expanded their activity outside the Great Wall of China. One of the measures adopted, is the opening of local warehouses in other continents to better serve their foreign clients. TomTop, with three warehouses in Europe and one in the US, is frequently offering great deals to its customers abroad.


One of them, is the Andoer Dual-lens 360 Degree Panoramic VR Camera that comes with a 60% discount on the Spanish warehouse. The 360 camera will give you a new experience offering high quality recordings with no blind spots. As it is obvious, it has the ability to record 360 videos and photos thanks to its Dual 220°fish-eye lens.


The 8MP CMOS sensor outputs 21:9 video with a resolution of 1920*960 @30FPS. Also, it features WiFi connectivity so that you can control the shooting via your smartphone. In addition, with its different view modes, you can choose between Flat Panorama, VR, Circle mode and inversion mode. Lastly, it comes with accessories, allowing you to attach it on different devices, such as bicycle, car and FPV devices.


To conclude, device is on offer for the next 10 hours for only €89.99 ($99.99) and the only negative thing is that there is no free dispatch. Depending on your country, you have to pay between €2 and €34. On the other hand, you will receive your package in 3-5 business days.

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