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MGCOOL Released New Waterproof Case For Panoramic Camera

by Shine Wong 9

Today, MGCOOL launched their first military-grade waterproof case for their panoramic camera.
Applied with imported high strength PC plastic materials, it is more durable in the case of guaranteed waterproof Shell through the professional design.
With IPx8 waterproof level , it can resist the impact of the 30 – meter diving. But also this waterproof case ensured the low temperature resistance capability, it can easily cope whether it is waterproof and dustproof .
Same with previous generations waterproof case, it uses the white design too.
Use the generalized standard , it supports extensible rich accessories, such as the self-timer lever, tripod ETC.
Users who purchased MGCOOL 360 camera before can buy this quality and cheap waterproof shell on our third-party platform.
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  • Flavio

    Now i can use it even underwater! It seems good, but I’ll wait to see someone who tryes it before I buy it

  • Chandan Mitra

    Now I’m thinking what would be a underwater VR world look like?

  • Rocky Raja

    How much will it cost? and from where I can get it for my MGCOOL 360?

  • Midori Chen

    I can see MGCOOL has started with a higher speed than Elephone itself.

  • Андрей Буту́сов

    Well, this is nice, I think it is always nice to have your camera protected from water… Maybe you are going on holidays and want to shoot some nice videos, but don’t want to get your camera wet, so this is perfect for that purpose! 🙂

  • YasBoi

    Yay for 360 underwater videos, haven’t seem many of them lol but seriously, it’s really nice to have around

  • Maya~

    i am sure owners of this 360 camera will appreciate this waterproof case! 🙂

  • EyalN

    don’t forget MGCOOL 360 is the same as ELECAM 360 and Andoer Dual-lens 360 Degree Panoramic VR Camera and AMKOV-AMK200S and SYVR360 camera… the camera is OEM camera sold by few other names made by shuoying. so this case will fit all of them. great camera by the way.

  • JTiG

    oh, I find this case quite useful because videos from underwater are always nice haha!