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Elephone device with Helio P25 SoC leaked

by Dimitris Economou 4

During 2016, Elephone has shifted its attention towards design and performance optimization. If you combine this to the crazy pace that Mediatek releases SoCs, you get an enormous amount of devices the company released this year. So, after the Elephone S7 and the upcoming Elephone Max, information about another future device have leaked today.

Elephone Helio P25 device

The new model is still in developing stage so the appearance and configuration are not available publicly yet. Nevertheless, its motherboard is. The motherboard features the Helio P25 SoC and judging from the photo, its structure is complete. So, it should soon get into the mass production stage.

From the photo, we can see that the board’s circuit structure is very simple and clean and the overall layout is compact. Maybe this means that more space will be available for a large capacity battery to fit in. According to reliable information, this new model will offer very exciting configuration.

What other features would you want in the upcoming device? Let us know in the comments. Maybe you can give inspiration to the development staff!

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  • Assefa Hanson


  • BS

    who is better? P25 or X20 or X25 or X27 please give me more detailed info if you can of course…

    • Luis Bastos

      Well the X models tend to be more powerful than the P models, with higher clock speed but I am not really sure if the GPU changes, I guess not.
      If so the P25 will be less powerful than the X25 but with the same GPU (if I am right, I am not sure)
      But what I am really forward to see is the X30 that MediaTek will release the next year, better performance, less power hungry and with much better GPU (that MediaTek always forgets)

      • BS

        thanks dude so much 🙂