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UHANS U300: The Most Future-forward Phone

by Dimitris Economou 6

Uhans has released some interesting devices lately. One of them is the UHANS U300. As the company claims, it can be the most future-forward phone. Why? Because apart from its refined design and good specs, it’s also durable enough to survive many durability tests. Most devices cannot pass such test, except for those ugly rugged phones of course. So, they die quickly and don’t have time to say goodbye to the future.


Of course, you can always repair a broken device, but a rugged device surely saves you money. Together with a few soda cans, the UHANS U300 has been dropped from a height of about 30 meters. Such scenario looks quite exciting with the drinks splashing all around.

UHANS U300 main specs

1. 5.5” FHD display,
2. MediaTek MT6750
3. Android 6.0
5. 5MP front camera+13MP rear camera
6. 4750 mAh battery
7. Fingerprint sensor
8. NXP smart chip

Lastly, another device from UHANS, the H5000 has hit the market for $109.99 during its pre-sale. Get it now and you’ll receive an extra silicone case and protective film.

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  • Saku

    Somehow, this tough test is becoming a trend.

    • lildwell

      These tests have always been a trend. I remember them doing these back in the Orientphone Goophone bootlegging days.

  • willysson

    I’ll bet we could surround it with multiple rolls of TP, drop it out an airplane from 30,000 feet and it would survive. . . WOW!. . . what a selling point 😉

  • Len Filre

    UHANS U300, according to many experts, is a good smartphone for its smartphone price segment. We believe it, but I would like to check it myself.

  • Mikhail Melnikov

    This smartphone protection is excellent. He is not afraid of strikes, no moisture, no dust. It’s just fantastic.

  • Edward Daniel

    I like the Uhans U300 with its unique design. It also works perfectly offline, because it has a battery with a capacity of 4750 mAh. In general, the smartphone came out good.