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MGCOOL Explorer 2 will feature a powerful built-in gyroscope

by Dimitris Economou 7

MGCOOL is very confident about its upcoming action camera, the Explorer 2. As a camera manufacturer who specializes in action cameras, MGCOOL will soon launch their 4K sports camera. And it’s already considered as a strong player among others. Apart from its stylish appearance and powerful performance it also brings a lot of innovations in comparison to previous models. Not only does it support 4K @ 30fps, GPS positioning, H.265 recording format, but it also sports a 2.0″ touch screen.

MGCOOL Explorer 2

Now, we learn that MGCOOL Explorer 2 will feature a powerful gyroscope sensor which will support the camera EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization). Surely, OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) is better but with the addition of the gyroscope it brings those two close. The gyroscope accurately tracks fast and slow action, it can avoid camera control jitter and blurs when users take pictures or videos. Optimizing the shooting experience, is a first priority in the field of action cameras and MGCOOL seems to be making a good effort.

To learn more about MGCOOL and its products, you can visit the Official Facebook Page.

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  • Mark

    Lovely! are many more secret surprises are waiting for us with this kamara? Gyro + EIS would be something new i would see this time.

  • Steven Pearson

    I am very much fond and interested in this camera, but no clear picture yet. I want to see the some sample image or video clicked by it. Please share if possible.

  • Jamie Singh

    Camera looks like a good one but does it have WiFi? Or can can I connect this device through Bluetooth?
    And what about the waterproof stuff?

  • Alex Morgan

    I found this camera very stylish ….it has a 4k video recording with touchscreen and voice control …..and surprising thing is it aslo has a GPS positioning ….this is a good product …like to have this beast….

  • Ricky Sen

    I am looking forward to buy your product but can I have sample pictures?
    Any demo pictures?

  • John Brown

    30 fps
    4 k video recording
    Voice control
    Not bad at all….

  • teen.angie

    Do you think this is a good choice for a creepshot/upskirt camera ? Hit me up on kik: teen.angie