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Meizu to launch MX5 on September 2, will also include Mini and Pro editions

Meizu has recently announced that they will hold a launch event on September 2. Among the devices that will be launched is the much-anticipated...
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Prices for Meizu MX4 revealed: 2499 RMB (406.77 USD), 2699 RMB (439.33 USD), 2999 RMB (488.16 USD), and 3099 RMB (504.44 USD)

As the launch of Meizu’s new dream flagship phone, the MX4, approaches, more photos and information about the phone have been released online. Today,...
Meizu's smartwatch graphic
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Meizu’s smartwatch seems to be on its way

“Look at your watch. Do you have this type of habit?” this is the meaning of the Chinese message conveyed by the image which...
Meizu MX4 Pro
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Meizu MX4 pictures leaked – experts give mixed reviews

Pictures of ‘top of the range’, Meizu MX4 called the MX4 Pro, have recently leaked online. The phone is expected to appear at this...
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Ali Cloud OS Could Be applied to Meizu MX4

In the past few months, there was a rumor said that Alibaba would invest Meizu, which had been denied by Meizu. However, Meizu confirmed...
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Latest leaked Photos of Meizu MX4!

Recently, there were so many photos of Meizu new cell phone leaked, after the bottom views of white MX4  leaked, there were another photos...
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Latest Photos of Meizu MX4 leaked

Just one minute ago, the photos of MX4 were leaked from the Weibo, which seems like the photos before. The MX4 in the photos...
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Nubia Z7 mini VS Meizu MX3:How to choose between them

 nubia brand has suffered the critics from the Meize fans since launched, Huang Zhang even attacked publicly that the nubia cell phone is copycat...
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Priced at RMB2499($406.2)? Know more about Meizu MX4

On September 2nd , Meizu will launch  the new flagship MX4 officially in Beijing. All kinds of rumors about MX4 appeared in the internet, it...
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Meizu MX4: New photos leaked

Meizu has announced officially to hold the conference press for Meizu products on September 2nd at the subsidiary pavilion of  Beijing National Stadium. As that...