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ZTE Blade A2S

ZTE Blade A2S Release The ZTE Blade A2S was officially announced on September 05 2017 and to be released on September 08 2017. The device is aimed toward the mid-market,…

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Nokia 8 vs ZTE Nubia Z17

Here we compare the Nokia 8 vs Nubia Z17. There are quite a lot of differences between the two models.     Nokia 8 vs Nubia Z17: Key Differences.  …

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ZTE Blade V7 Plus

This profile is still under construction, details are currently not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.   ZTE Blade V7 Plus Release ZTE Blade V7 Plus was announced on July 4 and launched…

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ZTE Nubia Z17

ZTE Nubia Z17 Release The ZTE Nubia Z17 is expected to be released on July 2017 in China. The 8GB RAM variant became available for pre-order on 22 August 2017….