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iPhone 5C plastics material
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The new iPhone 5C body made from 'Perfected Plastic'

Apple has started airing a new advertisement for the iPhone 5c. The ad is called “Plastic Perfected” and it focuses on the colors and...
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Picture and Video: iPhone 5S teardown

how to cure sleep apnea Apple has been officially release iphone 5S and iPhone 5C yesterday, those phones are the new iPhone 5 series...
iPhone iOS7 Lightning Cable
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Fake USB Lightning cable didn't work properly in iOS 7

how to get a girlfriend iOS 7 is still in the testing phase, when the user inserts the Lightning cable, there is a pop-up...

Apple iPhone 5S reservation almost sold out in Hong Kong and Beijing

how to get him back After all people is waiting for the new iPhone 5S available in selected market on September 20th, from few...
goophone i5c
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Goophone i5C Review: A Cheap iPhone 5C Clone With iOS 7 Theme

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iPhone 5S and 5C for China Unicom is ready

While we have ever covered the news about the new iPhone 5C will hit Chinese market, it’s seem that news is true and now...
sophone 5c
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Sophone 5C Is First iPhone 5C Clone Phone, Be Available On Market Now

  Goophone released their Goophone i5C a few weeks ago, and leaked the hands-on video on Apple iPhone 5C launching day. But there is...
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The iPhone 5S camera capabilities

Apple has officially introduced its newest flagship smartphone, iPhone 5S. This phone brings news update, iincluding more advanced camera capabilities. Although still carrying the...
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iPhone 5C (budget iPhone) available in various color

As we mentioned before, Apple has been officially launching the iPhone 5S and the budget-iPhone or also known as iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5C...
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Finally, Apple iPhone 5S is now official

Apple has been held the event on Cupertino, USA. They’ve already officially release their new flaghsip smartphone, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. As...