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Foxconn is hiring 90,000 workers for iPhone 5S production

Foxconn is the one of Apple manufacture which built iDevice, and now we’re getting closer to iPhone 5S launch, Foxconn is now reportedly hiring...
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The budget iPhone will called as “iPhone 5C”

As we all know that Apple is preparing the budget iPhone for next generation iPhone along with their new generation iPhone 5S, and now...
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Apple to choose Samsung display over AUO as LCD supplier for iPad Mini 2

The relationship between Apple and Samsung seems to have started improving lately. Even the South Korean company is rumored to have been selected by...
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Comparing cheap iPhone with iPhone 5 back cover

In the past few weeks, we have seen a lot of cheap Apple iPhone is known to be the back cover of spy photos,...
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iPhone 5S is rumored to use IGZO screen, Quad core GPU and 12 mpx camera

The one of Chinese website, EXP Rerview has been unveiled new information about the next generation iPhone (aka iPhone 5S), they claim that the...
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iPhone 5S screen and motherboard leaked out

While most of us is waiting the new Apple iPhone or also known as iPhone 5S, is now we have a leaked picture of...
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Foxconn is recruit more worker for next generation iPhone

A report from China suggested that Foxconn is conducting a massive recruitment in their factory located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. The new workers were...
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Leaked picture of cheap version iPhone

Apple is preparing the cheap version iPhone, this phone is focus of everyone’s attention, especially the exposure of the real machine is attracting a...

Apple officially launch the new iOS 7

The long-awaited announcement of the public in the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event finally happened. In such event, Apple announced their latest mobile...
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Another iPhone 5 Knock-off, Only $99 In this Summer

Goophone do best on iPhone copy, but the price is not low enough. Sunnycube change the rule this time. You will only pay $99...