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The Keen Team
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The Keen Team, a Chinese hacker who win the contest

On March 14th, there is a hacking contest that held in Vancouver, Canada, and the hacking contest winner is come from China, by The...
iPhone-6-supply chain
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iPhone 6 supply chain list is exposure

Apple is ready to release their next-gen iPhone or also called as iPhone 6, and according to Taiwan’s parts Apple supply chain, Apple iPhone...
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The Apple iPhone 6 mockup leaked in China

While we are waiting for the upcoming Apple iPhone 6, the mockup of upcoming iPhone 6 is leaked from China.
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Apple is ready to produce sapphire screen next month

Analyst Matt Margolis known to release a document issued by Apple and the City of Mesa (Arizona) with respect to the sapphire screen production...
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Apple granted camera DSLR-like patent

The existence of patent filings does not mean there will be products that use the patents immediately, but at least show what is being...
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Foxconn has assembles 100 unit of prototype Apple iPhone with sapphire screen.

Foxconn is already assemble the first 100 unit of upcoming Apple iPhone (this is the Next-gen iPhone) with sapphire glass screen.
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Tim Cook going to China for iPhone launching event by China Mobile

China Mobile seems to be a privileged partner for the Apple. Not surprisingly, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook also took him to attend the official...
China Mobile Logo
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China Mobile ordered 1 million unit iPhone 5S

According to foreign media, China Mobile is now already ordered more than 1,4 millions units of iPhone 5S for it’s release.
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Apple iPhone Air will has 6mm body thickness, coming on September?

According to rumors, Apple is preparing their new iPhone, the upcoming iPhone device will using the word “Air”, following their fomerly iPad Air that...
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100,000 units of iPhone has been pre-orders from China Mobile for only two days

After much of negotiating, Apple and China Mobile finally got the cooperation to sold Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C for China Mobile subscribers....